Students who study abroad gain a unique perspective on the world they carry for the rest of their lives.

Study Abroad

Sierra Nevada University encourages all students to include studying and living abroad in their undergraduate experience.

Immersion in another culture helps develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which foster success in our global society, and leads to profound academic, personal, and professional growth.

SNU Travel Courses

Students combine cultural immersion and academic credit, often with a service learning component, in courses taught by SNU Tahoe faculty. Recent destinations include South Africa, Japan, Italy, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Contact the instructor for more information.

Study Abroad Options

The USAC/SNU Specialty Program

Through its partnership with the University Studies Abroad Consortium, Sierra Nevada University proud to offer students the opportunity to study abroad through USAC’s Specialty Program at one of 29 universities in 17 countries. These programs typically offer intensive language study as well as an assortment of courses from disciplines such as economics, political science, history, etc.

Each program is different, with unique courses inspired by the program’s locale, which tends to be more authentic than those offered through the other study-abroad organizations. Students remain enrolled at SNU while studying abroad through the SNU/USAC partnership, which offers numerous advantages for students, such as the automatic addition of study abroad credits to a student’s SNU transcript. USAC prides itself on providing an outstanding experience at a very reasonable cost, and because federal student aid can often be used towards this program, you might be surprised at how affordable this amazing experience really is. This application process is straight-forward, but does require some pre-planning. Please contact Chris Anderson for details prior to beginning the application process.

Prepare Before You Go

Study-Abroad-Preparation-Culturally-Confident-American-Ambassadors-420ELEC 111 Global Academics and Culture is a self paced online university class for undergraduate students. Prepare for your experience abroad by understanding the cultural and academic differences – and similarities – between your home and host cultures. Develop accurate expectations to ease your transition, and learn communication, networking, and small talk skills to succeed in your new country.

Qualifying students can receive a special scholarship for this class. Email for details.

Ask A Question

Christopher Anderson International Programs and ELL Coordinator; Associate Professor


Phone: 775-831-1314 x7555

Plan Ahead

IMPORTANT! Students interested in studying abroad must meet with the following early in the semester before they hope to go abroad:

  • The International Programs Coordinator
  • Their Academic Advisor
  • The Director of Academic Support Services
  • The Director of Financial Aid
  • The Assistant Registrar
Study Abroad Policies

Students must be accepted into the Study Abroad Program by both Sierra Nevada University and USAC. It is the student’s responsibility to fill out the appropriate forms and gather all necessary signatures.

For appropriate study abroad programs, students must fill out Transfer Credit Approval forms which are approved by the Registrar before leaving SNU, to ensure credits taken abroad will transfer back to SNU. The Transfer Credit Prior Approval form is available on the FORMS page.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide Sierra Nevada University with an official transcript for any courses they wish to receive credit. SNC- approved international credential evaluations are available for a fee from WES (World Education Services) at Students will only receive credit for courses in which they receive a C or above; a student will not receive credit for a grade of C- or below.

Students must meet with Financial Aid in advance to discuss the impact of study abroad on their loan and scholarship packages, and to complete a consortium agreement with the sponsoring institution.

SNU student health insurance is not valid for students who are not enrolled in SNU courses.