Natural Resource Management students spend the day in Fallon, Nevada to view the birds
Investigate the complex factors
impacting the environment's quality and sustainability.

Natural Resource Management

B.S. in Environmental Science, concentration in Natural Resource Management

Managing human interaction with the natural environment in ways which protect important natural systems is one of the critical challenges of our time.

An interdisciplinary approach to environmental science supports an examination of economic, political, and social issues surrounding the sustainable scientific management of natural resources. After building a strong foundation in basic science, courses in political and economic geography, macroeconomics, microeconomics, environmental planning and public policy, and environmental law emphasize the complex interaction of factors which influence environmental problems.

The Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences, a joint project of SNC Tahoe and UC Davis located on the SNC campus, gives students direct access to the current research and conservation efforts of agencies working in the Lake Tahoe region. Students choose between a senior research project, and an internship in environmental policy with one of the many organizations active in the Tahoe Basin.

Environmental science students at SNC Tahoe measure steam depth near campus

Measuring stream flow and turbidity into Lake Tahoe

The Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences, home of all SNC Tahoe Science courses, blanketed in snow

The Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences (TCES) in January

SNC Tahoe's Natural Resource Management class takes a census of high country trees

Conducting a high country tree census in the Tahoe Meadows

Graduates are prepared for entry level work in environmental policy, or for graduate programs in environmental policy or natural resource management.

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