Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Majors

The Interdisciplinary Studies Degree program makes unexpected connections.

Go beyond the traditional disciplines by thinking not in terms of “either/or” but rather of “and.”

Test your boundaries, and bring your ideas and passions to life in the real world.

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How it Works

24 to 36 credits in each of your chosen disciplines provides your academic foundation. The core Interdisciplinary Studies Degree courses provide the conceptual tools and functional skills to successfully integrate and apply your academic understanding in a wider context.

Sophomore year:

In Principles of Interdisciplinary Studies [INTD 250], students explore and connect their disciplines through hands-on projects. This is the first step in applying integrative learning.

Junior year:

Service Learning [INTD 300] challenges students to use their initiative, academic interests, and actions to make a concrete contribution to the community. Students learn to make a difference AND maximize their learning working in partnership with community organizations. This experiential class dares students to get out and do it—and they do.

Senior year:

Senior Portfolio [INTD 493] guides students through the creation of a culminating integrative project to present in the Humanities symposium. In the process, students also compile and reflect on a final portfolio of all of their undergraduate work. This portfolio becomes a resource for job interviews and a record of personal growth.

And Beyond:

Our alumni have gone on to graduate from respected graduate programs, to guide and teach in wild places worldwide, to work at prestigious non-profit and for-profit organizations, to report international news and, most importantly, to contribute their talents and skills to their communities across the globe.

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