Service Learning Projects

Interdisciplinary Studies is a project based program. Our students’ service learning projects give them valuable hands on experience as they test their ideas in the real world. Students draw on their personal interests to make a difference in their community.

"Changing Lives" - Nick Cahill And Trevor Jackson

Cahill and Jackson joined forces to write, produce, film and edit the promotional video “Changing Lives”, about the youth leadership and literacy organization Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC) and featuring ARC and SNC alumnus Yami Gutierrez. . . . Read More

"Coloring Kings Beach" - Jamie Himes

Jamie saw the potential for community art involving students from the Boys and Girls club, and brought 20 children and 150 pounds of clay together to transform raw concrete planter boxes into magical mosaics. . . . Read More

"Community Climbing Wall" - Renee Guay

"I used my passion for rock climbing and the knowledge gained in my ODAL classes to develop and implement a climbing wall and programs at the new Truckee Community Rec Center. . . . Read More

"Lost Sierra Hoedown" - Drew Fisher, Cody Wilkins, & Rachael Blum

Music, outdoor recreation, simple living and sustainable event practices created an extraordinary weekend to support community skiing. . . . Read More

The ODAL 101 Experience

Experienced snowboard videographer Danny Kern mastered new journalism skills making his successful "markumentary" introducing the ODAL program. . . . Read More

"Arc in the Park" - Justine Nelson & Jason Maynez

Art and Psychology joined ODAL and Entrepreneurship to mount a community music festival supporting the local leadership and literacy youth organization Adventure Risk Challenge. . . . Read More

"Backpacking Art" - Heath Pierson

The Art Installation Backpacking Trip I designed incorporated my disciplines: Fine Art and Outdoor Adventure Leadership.  This trip was meant to help students to think creatively while reconnecting to the land. . . . Read More

Sierra Nevada College's Interdisciplinary Studies program offers majors in
Outdoor Adventure Leadership, Sustainability, Digital Arts & Business, Journalism & Media,
Psychology & Art or Music, and International Studies & Humanities