The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology involves students in a wide-ranging and intensive exploration of the self.


Students investigate the nature and causes of human experience and human behavior, and study pathways and obstacles to living meaningful and fulfilling lives. Psychology as an academic discipline is a valuable approach to enriching and deepening each individual’s life.

The psychology major involves both more traditional perspectives in psychology: Behaviorist, Psychoanalytic, Social, Biological, Experimental, Developmental and Cognitive; as well as the less traditional: Humanistic, Transpersonal and Eco- Psychological. Advisors assist students in determining the appropriate curriculum based on individual plans.

Students are encouraged to engage in internships and to conduct their own research, as well as to present at regionals.

The Psychology Degree Online website provides a scholarship resource for undergraduate and recently graduated psychology students.

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Psychology Program Chair
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Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology
Humanities RequirementsCredits
HUMN 110Introduction to Humanities3
PHIL 101 or HUMN 210Introduction to Philosophy or World Religions3
ENGL 381Language, Thought, and Culture3
Psychology RequirementsCredits
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 202Human Development3
PSYC 240Social Psychology3
PSYC 291Introduction to APA Style2
PSYC 322Counseling and Clinical Psychology3
PSYC 325Neuroscience3
PSYC 370Learning and Cognition3
PSYC 371Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 415Research Methods4
PSYC 445Experimental Psychology4
PSYC 450Capstone Psychology3
PSYC 480Sensation and Perception3
HUMN 493Senior Project3
MATH 251Statistics4
Total Humanities Breadth Requirements9
General Education Core Requirements30
Psychology Requirements44