Psychology Scholar Program

An accelerated educational experience individually tailored to your chosen Psychology specialty – clinical counseling, psychological research, environmental psychology . . .

Fast-track your development as an Psychology scholar with the the help of personal mentoring, unique research opportunities, and enhanced practical experience .

Learn professional level skills and prepare for graduate school and career opportunities as an undergraduate.

How It Works

Year 1

Begin working with your faculty mentor.

Edit of the Proceedings of the Sierra Nevada College Psychology Research Fair and assist with research fair logistics.

Year 2

Mentored undergraduate research.

Possible work with undergraduate psychology seniors, or position as assistant to the Psychology department chair.

Year 3

Intern in your field of interest. Possibilities include working with a local psychologist, school counselors, or research organizers.

Attend undergraduate research conferences (e.g, PURC, SUPC).

Manage the SNC Psychology Blog and/or social media accounts.

Year 4

Independent undergraduate research, including potential journal publication.

Attend undergraduate research conferences (e.g, PURC, SUPC).

Teaching Assistantship in a Sierra Nevada College Psychology class.

Create your academic portfolio, showcasing your work throughout all four years at SNC.

Identify promising post-grad opportunities, including graduate programs and employment, build a strong Curriculum Vitae, and craft your application materials, all with the professional guidance of your mentor.

Your degree and transcript will include your completion of the Psychology Scholar Program!


The Psychology Scholar Program is an opportunity for promising students to build exceptional academic and experiential qualifications in their chosen Psychology specialty.

A maximum of five students are admitted to the Psychology Scholar Program each year.

Students must maintain full-time student status, a 3.0 GPA, and participate in at least two psychology events per semester.

Apply to the Psychology Scholar Program:

Prospective Freshman: apply by email to SNC Psychology Department Chair Christina Frederick at

  • A cover letter that includes your full name, your preferred specialization, AND describes why you want to be part of the Sierra Nevada College Psychology Scholar Program.
  • A résumé or academic curriculum vitae, including GPA and listings of participation in clubs, teams, and other extra-curricular activities and/or interests you think are relevant to your application. (DOC, DOCX, or PDF file formats accepted. Attach to email.)
  • Two letters of recommendation – one from a recent teacher and one from an extra-curricular mentor. (Can be scanned or photographed. JPG, JPEG, PNG, or PDF file formats accepted. Attach to email.)

Prospective Transfer Students who are interested in the benefits of this program should contact SNC Psychology Department Chair Christina Frederick at Include your post-high-school GPA and Psychology classes for an evaluation of your eligibility.

Apply to Sierra Nevada College

Applicants to the Psychology Scholar Program will get priority consideration of their application to the college.

Apply Now!

Image: the 2016-2017 Senior Experimental Psychology class