Psychology graduate decorates her SNC Tahoe graduation cap with the symbol for psychology
Investigate the nature of our human experience and human behavior.

Engage in a wide-ranging and intensive exploration of the self.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology is the study of how the mind works. A psychology major opens the door to the fascinating world of human thought, emotion, behavior, and motivation. It gives us new insight into why we do what we do!

A major in psychology is also a major asset in the workplace – especially if you want to persuade, supervise, teach, or communicate.

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What to Expect as a Psychology Major

Our minds are the drivers of our behavior, so psychologists study behavior as a window into the mind. As a psychology major, you’ll explore human behavior in many ways. You will learn about human development, social psychology, neuroscience, learning, cognition, perception, counseling, and abnormal psychology.

Learning to do research is another key part of your psychology degree. As a psychology major, you’ll study statistics, experimental methods, and experimental psychology. You’ll conduct your own original psychology experiment from beginning to end, then analyze and present your findings. Some people may still think of psychology as a “touchy feely” practice, but that’s not accurate. The techniques that let you “connect with your emotions” come from careful research.

You’ll also get practical experience with the therapeutic side of psychology. Psychology majors at SNC intern with local organizations which offer mental health and substance abuse treatment, grief counseling, equine therapy, and domestic violence services.

“What is beneficial about the Psychology department is its willingness to challenge your emotional and interpersonal intelligence. Psychology isn’t just about the emotions and thoughts that go through your brain, it’s WHY you have those thoughts.” – Teresa Rafello ’16

Hear first-hand how their experience in the SNC psychology program helped prepare them for their new careers and life after graduation.

English major Nicole Ross reads in Prim Library at SNC Tahoe
Meet Psychology Major

Nicole Ross

Class of 2018

I loved reading with my mom when I was young, and even now that I'm older, I am just as excited to read and share stories. I decided to turn my passion for reading into a teaching career after my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Wolff, inspired me. Now that I am at SNC, I have been able to volunteer and teach in classrooms all over Incline. I feel that my experiences here at SNC have allowed me to grow in nearly every aspect of my life. . . . Read More

Angel Gonzalez, Psychology major, smiling while at the beach
Meet Psychology Major

Angel Gonzalez

Class of 2017

My inspiration is always to inspire change, acceptance, and holistic thinking. I want to challenge people's perspectives and my own biases. . . . Read More

Still wondering if you should major in psychology?

Research Experience

Every psychology major at SNC designs and conducts at least one original research project from start to finish. Three courses guide students through learning about, preparing for, and completing independent research in psychology. Students review journal articles in the area they are interested in. They make a hypothesis, and design an experiment to prove or disprove it. They conduct their experiment, then use statistics to analyze their results. Finally, they write up their results for publication, and present them at the SNC Psychology Research Fair and at conferences.

SNC at UCLA’s 2017 Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference

Psychology student Kelsey Brodie talks about her research at UCLA
Psychology students celebrate the chance to present their research at UCLA
Psychology student Arno Ruymaekers explains his research on stress and motivation at UCLA

Our psychology majors present at top-tier regional conferences. Recently, they have presented at the undergraduate research conferences at Stanford and UCLA. SNC student research has been published in the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences, Student Pulse, and the Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal.

“The emphasis on research in the Psychology Program motivates students. The faculty provide a level of support beyond any reasonable expectation to aid students in achieving their goals, whatever they may be.” – Sarah A. Fricke ’15

Professional Preparation

Sierra Nevada College offers popular graduate school preparation workshops for students who want to continue on. These discuss how to choose a graduate school in psychology, the best application strategies, and surviving life in – and after – grad school. Help with both the Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) tests is also included.

Our psychology degree students graduate well qualified for graduate education and careers in their field. Recent alumni have gone on to post-graduate programs at Carleton University, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Northern Arizona University, and Prescott College.

“The world of psychology is huge. You can do almost anything under the sun, so having professors who specialize in very different fields really helps us narrow down what we want to study in grad school.” – Katie O’Hara ’16

Psychology major Maggie Burns sits by bridge in Tahoe National Forest
Meet Psychology Alum

Maggie Burns

Major: Psychology

Class of 2014

One of my jobs as the Psychology Department intern at SNC was to help with student advising, which got me interested in college prep and planning for high school students. Now I'm getting my MA in Counseling with an emphasis in school counseling, and a PPS (Pupil Personnel Services) credential for counseling K - 12. . . . Read More

The Psychology Scholar Program

Get on a fast-track to your professional future. Work with your dedicated faculty mentor to build outstanding qualifications in your chosen psychology specialty. Get extra experience as an intern with a local psychologist, school counselor, or researcher. Expand your academic skills as the teaching assistant in an SNC psychology course. The Psychology Scholar Program is limited to five incoming freshmen each year. Apply early for priority consideration.

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Christina M. Frederick
Psychology Program Chair; Professor

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