Engage with writers from other countries and cultures on their home turf.

The Overseas Residency

At SNC Tahoe, we encourage a meaningful understanding of literature from other cultures and regions by holding one of every five residencies abroad. These residencies bring in local writers from the host culture for workshops, readings, and craft lectures with our SNC students and faculty.

The period prior to each overseas residency also includes writers from the area we’ll be visiting. Our intent is to foster a nuanced and contextualized dialogue — one deeply engaged with contemporary writers on the scene.

Logistics: We try to make each international residency as meaningful an experience as possible without breaking the bank. The additional $500 international residency fee includes lodging, breakfast each day and 4 dinners, and ground transportation.

Summer 2019
luggage piled on carts at the airport waiting to be loaded
The location for the next overseas residency in the summer of 2019 will be announced in fall 2018!

Goblin Hill Jamaica: Winter 2017

The residency featured visits from Jamaican writers including Nicole Dennis-Benn and Tanya Shirley, and field trips for travel writers, alongside faculty readings, electives, and workshops.

Poet Patricia Smith teaching a course for the MFA in Creative Writing program in Jamaica
Patricia Smith’s elective on the Hummingbird Terrace
MFA in Creative Writing program students relaxing in the Caribbean
Students by the sea
Author Pablo Cartaya teaching a course to MFA in Creative Writing students during their Jamaica residency
Pablo Cartaya’s Young Adult elective on the lawn
Graduates from the 2017 low residency MFA in Creative Writing program held in Jamaica
The 2017 winter graduates
The view from the villa where students from the MFA in Creative Writing program were staying
The view from the villa

Doolin Ireland: Summer 2014

Before our overseas residency in Doolin, Ireland, students met and worked with Colum McCann, Matthew Sweeney, Sinéad Morrissey, John F. Deane, Billy Ramsell, and Mary Noonan.

Doolin Cliffs
Graduates from the 2014 low residency Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program held in Ireland
2014 MFA Graduates
Gus O'Connors pub, a social hot spot in Doolin, Ireland where the 2014 MFA in Creative Writing residency was held
Gus O’Connor’s Pub
Horses in Ireland, where the 2014 residency was held for the MFA in Creative Writing
Outside Doolin
Picture of author John Deane in Ireland
Irish writer John F. Deane
Doolin, Ireland cliffside where the 2014 residency was held for the MFA in Creative Writing
Doolin Cliffs