Writers in the Woods brings exciting authors from across the country to campus for intimate readings and workshops.

Writers in the Woods Literary Speaker Series

SNC Tahoe’s Writers in the Woods brings well-known poets and writers from all over the country to the campus for intimate readings and workshops, where audience members can meet and exchange ideas with the guest writers.

Readings: Friday evenings, 7 – 9pm. Free and open to the public.
Workshops: Saturday mornings, 10am – noon. Free to students, $50  for community members — REGISTER HERE. Can be taken for credit.
Location: Tahoe Center for Environmental Studies (TCES) Room 139-141

We have hosted writers such as Nick Flynn, Tim O’Brien, Patricia Smith, Denise Duhamel, Tobias Wolff, Kelle Groom, Lola Haskins, Brenda Hillman, Bob Hass, and many others.

2018 – 2019 Season

Common Read - "The Kiss"

September 7 - 8

Celebrate this year's Common Read The Kiss with editor Brian Turner and some of the writers included in the collection, including Suzanne Roberts, Christian Keifer, and maybe more.

The four dozen essays, stories, poems, and graphic memoirs in the anthology each focus on a specific kiss, unexpected and unforgettable. They explore the messy and complicated intimacies that exist in our actual lives, and in the complicated landscape of the imagination.

“Befitting the brevity of the average mouth-on-mouth contact, most entries last only two or three pages. A few go on too long, making you want to twist free, while others tantalize with such grace that they linger sweetly in your mind for days.”
- Daniel Jones, editor of The New York Times’s “Modern Love” column

Lidia Yuknavitch

October 12 - 13
photo of author Lydia Yuknavitch

Lidia Yuknavitch’s bestselling novel The Small Backs of Children was the winner of the 2016 Oregon Book Award's Ken Kesey Award for Fiction, as well as the Reader's Choice Award. Other works include The Book of Joan, The Misfit’s Manifesto, The Chronology of Water, and Dora: A Headcase.

"This erotic, beautifully disturbing exploration of sex and violence is a fast, lyrical read, but don't let the brevity fool you — its effects will linger long after the last page."
- Carmen Maria Machado, on The Small Backs of Children for NPR

author website: lidiayuknavitch.net
twitter @LidiaYuknavitch

Claire Vaye Watkins

November 9 - 10
photo of author Claire Vaye Watkins

Claire Vaye Watkins' short story collection Battleborn is the winner of the Short Story Prize, Dylan Thomas Prize, New York Public Library’s Young Lions Fiction Award, Rosenthal Family Foundation Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the Silver Pen Award from Nevada Writers Hall of Fame. She is also a Guggenheim Fellow and author of the novel Gold Fame Citrus.

"(Watkins) vision is brutally unsentimental. Characters dig themselves into holes — literal or figurative — and are not explicitly rescued. If they survive it’s by the same means as they’ve so far endured: stubbornness, luck and a slim strand of hope."
- Antonya Nelson, on Battleborn for the New York Times Book Review

author website: clairevayewatkins.com/

Jeremy Evans

February 8 - 9
photo of journalist and adventure writer Jeremy Evans

Jeremy Evans is a journalist and an outdoor adventure writer. He is the author of In Search of Powder: A Story of America’s Disappearing Ski Bum and The Battle for Paradise: Surfing, Tuna and One Town’s Quest to Save the Wave. He also has his MA in teaching from SNC.

"Like surfing, skiing first went from sport to lifestyle during the 1960s and thus came of age with the baby boomers. They made skiing sexy and rebellious, and then they made it a big business."
- the Wall Street Journal on In Search of Powder

Alice Anderson

photo of poet and memoirist Alice Anderson

Alice Anderson, a recipient of the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Prize, is memoirist as well as poet. Her books include Some Bright Morning I’ll Fly Away: A Memoir, The Watermark, and Human Nature.

"Alice Anderson's stunning memoir begins with cathedrals made of our scars... This book rises to sacredness in its heroic honesty, its warrior's heart, and its profound beauty."
- author Luis Alberto Urrea on Some Bright Morning I’ll Fly Away

instagram: @alicepoet

Lee Herrick

March 1 - 2
photo pf Fresno poet Lee Herrick

Lee Herrick is Fresno Poet Laureate Emeritus (2015-2017) and author of three poetry collections, Scar and Flower (forthcoming in 2019), Gardening Secrets of the Dead, and This Many Miles from Desire.

"These gorgeously rendered snapshots--a disarming fusion of lyric and meticulous narrative--are clearly the work of a true storyteller, a master of focus and fearlessness."
- poet Patricia Smith on Gardening Secrets of the Dead

author website: www.leeherrick.com

Natalie Baszile

April 5 - 6
photo of Natalie Baszile, author of the novel Queen Sugar

Natalie Baszile is the author of Queen Sugar, adapted into a dramatic series for OWN, Oprah’s television network. Queen Sugar was named one of the San Francisco Chronicles’ Best Books of 2014. She is a recipient of the Sylvia Clare Brown Fellowship.

“Reading this book is inhabiting, briefly, the backbreaking and brutal yet rewarding life that is sugarcane farming.... Queen Sugar is an impressive debut from a talented writer and a fascinating look into the world of the contemporary South.”
- Washington Independent Review of Books

author website: nataliebaszile.com

Annual Tahoe Poetry Slam

April 26

Cash prizes are awarded for first, second and third place, with the winner claiming the title of Tahoe Slam Champion of the Year.

For more information

June Sylvester Saraceno
English Program Chair
775-831-1314 x7514

Past Seasons

  • Luis Alberto Urrea

  • Headshot of author Indigo Moor

    Indigo Moor

  • Headshot of author Suzanne Roberts

    Suzanne Roberts

  • Lindsay Wilson

  • Headshot of poet Patricia Smith

    Patricia Smith

  • Kim Wyatt

  • Headshot of author of many young adult novels Catherine Brady

    Catherine Brady

  • Sholeh Wolpé

  • Headshot of novelist Sunil Yapa

    Sunil Yapa

  • Headshot of poet Ralph Salisbury

    Ralph Salisbury

  • Terry Allen

  • Headshot of author Joanne Meschery

    Joanne Meschery

  • Headshot of poet and author Lola Haskins

    Lola Haskins

  • Headshot of author Denis Duhamel

    Denise Duhamel

  • Headshot of poet Laura McCullough

    Laura McCullough

  • Benjamin Busch

  • Headshot of novelist and screenwriter Chris Millis

    Chris Millis

  • Headshot of poet and playwright Nathalie Handal

    Nathalie Handal

  • Nick Flynn

  • Headshot of Carolyn Forche, author and activist

    Carolyn Forché

  • Rebecca Makkai

  • David Lee

  • Tim O’Brien

  • Nahid Rachlin

  • Author Peter Makuck

    Peter Makuck

  • Reno poet Gailmarie Pahmeier

    Gailmarie Pahmeier

  • Author Ingrid Wendt holding copies of her work

    Ingrid Wendt

  • Tom Meschery, author, sitting at home.

    Tom Meschery

  • Illustration of Kirk Robertson, author

    Kirk Robertson

  • Headshot of novelist Ellen Hopkins

    Ellen Hopkins

  • Baron Wormser

  • Headshot of Author Gayle Brandeis

    Gayle Brandeis

  • Headshot of poet Robert Hass

    Robert Hass

  • Benjamin Percy

  • Headshot of author and journalist Marisella Viega

    Marisella Veiga

  • Headshot of poet Brenda Hillman

    Brenda Hillman

  • Mark Maynard

  • Jared Stanley

  • Headshot of author Gary Short

    Gary Short

  • Kevin Fedarko

  • Picture of author and activist Shaun Griffin

    Shaun Griffin

  • Tobias Wolff

  • Headshot of poet and novelist Cathy Lin Che

    Cathy Linh Che

  • Lynne Thompson, author, discussing her published work.

    Lynne Thompson

  • Headshot of poet Brian Turner

    Brian Turner

  • Al Maginnes

  • Amy Franklin-Willis

  • Headshot of Kelle Groom, poet

    Kelle Groom

  • Chris Ware

  • Li Miao Lovett

  • Saeed Jones