2-D Practices

Bachelor of Arts in Art, concentration in Two Dimensional Practices
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, concentration in Two Dimensional Practices

Painting. Drawing. Printmaking. Collage. Photography. Fabric art. And?

Learn the core principles and skills that will be your tools as an artist. Find challenge, energy, and encouragement in our close community of student and faculty artists. Make art in light-filled open studios, surrounded by the tall pines of the high sierra.

Discover your path to a professional future in the arts, and develop the technical and conceptual skills that will get you there. Build a cohesive body of creative work that demonstrates your accomplishments and vision.

Art Hits the Road at SNC

Road construction met fine art in the Holman Building driveway at the SNC Fine Arts “Sierra Squish“, where oversized woodblocks were printed under pressure by a steamroller.

Summer Art Workshops

SNC offers week long workshops with nationally known artists through the summer, which students can take for credit or personal enrichment. Painters Gregory Kondos and Phyllis Shafer, printmakers Sean Starwars and Mary Brodbeck, and Tahoe landscape photographer Sean Starwars, Mary Brodbeck are some of the inspiring artists who have taught in our summer workshop series.

Meet Cara Close

SNC BFA in Fine Arts student Cara Close

Major: Fine Arts – Two-Dimensional Practices

Class of 2018

I came back to SNC after many years out of school raising my girls and experiencing life to continue my journey as a fine artist. It has been a wonderful experience to be back in the art department community surrounded by young artists. Although I am more busy than ever, I am also more focused and getting the most from my classes. . . . Read More

Facilities & Equipment

Printmaking Equipment:

  • Laguna Automatic Printing Press (36″x60”)
  • French Tool Printing Press (20″x40”)
  • Ryonet RXP UV Exposure Unit
  • tabletop t-shirt press
  • drying box with fan; blank screens and storage area; woodcut and linoleum block cutting tools; etching tools; squeegees, hinges, emulsion applicators, rollers, brayers, blankets, etc.

Photography Equipment:

  • Various digital and film cameras
  • Fully stocked wet darkroom
  • 5 Mac computers with full Adobe Creative Suite
  • 5 Epson professional grade color printers, including a 7800 24″ wide format printer
  • Epson professional grade photo scanner

Shared Amenities

  • 24 hour studio access
  • Ample work tables, easels, and project storage
  • Dedicated critique & projection space
  • BFA studios
  • Art library

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Sheri Leigh O'Connor
Chair, Department of Fine Arts

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