Develop your visual voice.
Explore technical and conceptual issues.
Understand the cultural resonance of the image in our contemporary world.


Instead of focusing on conventions and procedures, you will learn to become resourceful and creative, refining your own way of speaking through visual images. As you are learning or expanding your knowledge of digital and traditional photo-making, you are simultaneously working out different ways of speaking through photographs. In addition, you are learning how to contextualize your voice in the matrix of art history and contemporary practice.

Designed to take strength from the SNC liberal arts education, the Photography area welcomes interdisciplinary studies: while you challenge the boundaries of the photographic medium, inviting you to explore other areas, such as digital media, design, video, and New Media/New Genres, as well as samples from our writing, science and outdoor leadership curricula. SNC student work in this area spans from documentary strategies to conceptual photo installations.

Studios for the Photography area include Mac labs with large scale as well as desktop output resources, a variety of imaging devices to be checked out from large and medium format cameras to electronic sensors and other hybrid image-capturing devices. and a large traditional wet darkroom, complete with c-41, black and white, and mural capabilities.

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Sheri Leigh O'Connor
Chair, Department of Fine Arts

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