Focusing primarily on progressive, emerging artists … the galleries at Sierra Nevada College provide a rich visual and intellectual environment not reliant on sales for support. This allows us to exhibit a wide array of artists whose work ranges from traditional practices to new media, installation, site-specific, and performance art.

The Nevada Arts Council supports SNC Tahoe's exhibition works done by studentsSierra Nevada College is able to put on art exhibitions due to grants from the National Endowment of the Arts
This project is funded, in part, by a grant from the Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


“Lingua Franca”

August 4 - August 31

Garage Door Gallery

image for "Lingua Franca", exhibit of the 2018 summer MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts graduates at Sierra Nevada College. Artists: Karen Krolak, Sarah Lillegard, Chelsea Mandell, Sam Shear

Artists: Karen Krolak, Sarah Lillegard, Chelsea Mandell, and Sam Shear

Curator: Ashley Stull Meyers

MFA-IA Theses Exhibit
The works in Lingua Franca consider alternatives to language where traditional conversation fails. The four artists situate this negotiation amidst human gestures, images and forms in search of animation, and criticism for the fraught nature of easy words. They grapple with the possibilities of the language of materials, attempting to form a vocabulary that is yet to exist and call out the shortcomings of existing terminologies. The end result is an incomplete archive of strategies for counting what is absent.

Reception: Saturday August 4, 2018 6–8pm


“To My Brother” – POD Exhibition

August 30 - September 28
Tahoe Gallery
ceramic hand with bullet holes from Collyn Aubrey's POD exhibition "To My Brother"

Artist: Collyn Aubrey
Reception: Thursday September 27, 5 – 7pm
Artist Talk: 5:30pm
artist website: collynahren.com/

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Exhibition – Amanda Salov

September 20 - October 19
Garage Door Gallery
Untitled sculpture from the series Flora Works by Amanda Salov

Artist: Amanda Salov
Reception: Thursday September 20, 5 – 7pm
Artist Talk: 5:30pm
artist website: amandasalov.com

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“Tahoe Timescape Project”

October 18 - November 16
Tahoe Gallery
Art pieces by Jonathan Keats with Tahoe Public Art for the Tahoe Timescape Project

Artist: Jonathon Keats and Tahoe Public Art
Reception: Thursday August 30, 5 – 7pm
Artist Talk: 5:30pm
artist website: www.tahoepublicart.com/tahoe-timescape

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