Fine Arts Student Sidney Pinkerton works on painting project
I knew that art would be my passion and the mountains were calling.

Meet Our FA Students

Our Fine Arts students express themselves through mediums of their choosing. We have a close-knit community of student artists that push each other towards success in their fields.

SNC fine arts student Adrian Pinal-Gonzalez, portrait

Adrian Pinal-Gonzalez

Major: Fine Arts - Three-Dimensional Practices, Minor in Digital Arts

Class of 2020

I love to create, and to solve the problems that come along with the process of a project. My solution to many problems I encounter is to sketch out what I need to make and create a paper model. Model making greatly helps save the real material.
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SNC BFA in Fine Arts student Cara Close

Cara Close

Major: Fine Arts – Two-Dimensional Practices

Class of 2018

I came back to SNC after many years out of school raising my girls and experiencing life to continue my journey as a fine artist. It has been a wonderful experience to be back in the art department community surrounded by young artists. Although I am more busy than ever, I am also more focused and getting the most from my classes.
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image of Sierra Nevada College student Julia Hart

Julia Hart

Major: Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts, MA in Teaching

Class of 2021

Transferring to SNC was the best decision I’ve made for my educational career. I’ve made friendships that I know will last a lifetime, and I feel that I am truly learning from the best possible individuals for my art degree.
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Bachelor of Fine Arts student Ian Wieczorek with cartoon self-portrait

Ian Wieczorek

Major: Fine Arts – Ceramics

Class of 2016

I graduated in December 2016. A friend and I bought land and a building, and renovated it into ceramic studio, painting studio, glass shop, and a show room. We plan to sell pottery and paintings, and host a farmers' market on the property, and be full time artists.
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Miranda McFarland

Major: Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts

Class of 2017

Why do we need art? For me this will always be the mystery I crave to understand.
Recently my art has been focusing on my body's relationship to my environment. I came up with the idea to dive into the lake, hold my breath, and scratch circular gestures into a copper plate that I take to the studio and make prints. It is these mark makings that become artifacts of my body. I love being an artist.
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Collyn Aubrey, Bachelor of Fine Arts, stands within piece at exhibition titled In the Waiting Line

Collyn Aubrey

Major: Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts

Class of 2017

At SNC I found a true community of students and teachers, who pushed me to explore beyond traditional boundaries and believe in myself as an interdisciplinary artist. I would never want to experience undergraduate education any other way.
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Art and Psychology major, Justine Nelson explores a grass field

Justine Nelson

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology and Art

Class of 2016

Growing up in the small town of Incline Village has been a blessing in my life, teaching me the importance of connection with my community and the environment. We all have the capability to help each other grow, and my studies at SNC have shown me just how far we reach!
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Brett Wulc, Fine Arts major, spinning a ceramic piece on a wheel

Brett Wulc

Major: Fine Arts – Ceramics

Class of 2015

I found ceramics. I enrolled in the class, bought a wheel three weeks later, and took off from there.
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Anza Jarschke, New Genre, Psychology major gives two thumbs up

Anza Jarschke

Major: Fine Arts – New Genres, Psychology

Class of 2013

After finishing my masters in Social Justice and Community Organizing from Prescott College, I returned to SNC Tahoe to work as the Gallery Director. It's an exciting step in life to be able to come back to a place that provided me with so much at a formative time.
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Sierra Nevada College's Fine Arts program offers majors in
2D Practices, 3D Practices, Digital Arts and Interdisciplinary Arts