Learn to produce and analyze digital media -
for projection, broadcast, print, web publishing, and site installation.

Digital Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Art, concentration in Digital Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, concentration in Digital Arts

Video practices. Web design. Computer animation. Digital imaging.

Learn to use industry-standard digital software. The Mac Lab computers in SNC’s open studios are equipped with full Adobe Creative Suite software subscriptions. You will work with the same programs experienced professionals use every day.

Use those tools for creative expression and problem-solving. Many of the basic issues you will face as an artist will be the same whether you are putting oil paint on gessoed canvas or building layers in Photoshop. What makes an image memorable and effective? How do images and text relate? How has advertising influenced the fine arts, and vice-versa? Digital media also has its own new possibilities and pitfalls. How does mass distribution through the internet and social media change the relationship between you as the artist and your audience? How can you – legally, ethically, and aesthetically – appropriate other’s cultural artifacts, and make them your own?

Build a professional portfolio of work which integrates your personal vision with your career goals. Fine tune your skills in class critiques and student shows. Intern with area non-profits, working on their websites or producing marketing materials and video.

Interdisciplinary Digital Arts Majors

Tailor your major more closely to your future goals. Digital Arts and Business is particularly helpful for students who plan on a career in marketing. Journalism and Media attracts many students who are interested in photojournalism or videography.

Facilities and Equipment

DART Equipment

  • Video recording studio
  • Various still and video digital cameras
  • 5 Mac computers with full Adobe Creative Suite
  • 5 Epson professional grade color printers, including a 7800 24″ wide format printer
  • Epson professional grade photo scanner, light boxes
Shared Amenities

  • 24 hour studio access
  • Ample workspace and project storage
  • Dedicated critique & projection space
  • BFA studios
  • Art library

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Sheri Leigh O'Connor
Chair, Department of Fine Arts

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