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BA in Psychology

Locations: Cuesta College, Lake Tahoe Community College, Online, Truckee Meadows Community College

As you study for your Bachelors of Arts in Psychology through Sierra Nevada College, you’ll explore many ways to look at human behavior. You will learn about how people develop, learn, perceive, think, and make social connections, and how those processes can go wrong. Psychology gives us new insight into why we do what we do! Learning to do research is another key part of your psychology degree. You’ll study statistics and experimental methods, and learn to analyze your results and explain them clearly.

A major in psychology is a big asset in the workplace – especially if you want to persuade, supervise, teach, or communicate. You will have explored the how and why of just about everything humans do. Along the way, you learn very versatile skills that employers are eager to have. These range from working with difficult people to data analysis! A psychology degree can lead you into many different careers, including psychology, social work and community services, education, marketing, and business.

BA or BS in General Studies

Locations: Online, Truckee Meadows Community College

Maximize already-earned credits to get your college degree in the shortest amount of time. Sierra Nevada College's flexible Bachelor of General Studies organizes a variety of courses into a degree that fits your career goals. Your extension advisor will help you design a program tailored to your experience and needs. As you complete your degree, you will strengthen key workplace skills. Good communication, critical thinking and problem solving, initiative, and clear writing are important no matter where you work.

More jobs require a college degree than ever before. In 2017, full time workers with a bachelor's degree earned 65% more than full time workers with a high school diploma. Take charge of your future with a Bachelor of General Studies degree from Sierra Nevada College.

BSBA in Entrepreneurship

Locations: Truckee Meadows Community College

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship focuses on both creative innovation, and on how to turn those new ideas into a successful business. As an entrepreneurship major, you will develop business plans that go through all the stages of starting a business. Explore how to form and grow the enterprise, find or open new markets, manage growth, and look for new opportunities. As important, learn how to think like an entrepreneur. This includes the need to assess your resources, increase your tolerance for ambiguity, notice both opportunities and risks, screen ideas, seize the sense of urgency, and mine your creativity.

Sierra Nevada College's bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship is perfect for people who want to start their own business. It's also a great foundation for a wide range of other careers. Employers in many fields are looking for people who can think and work like an entrepreneur.

BSBA in Global Business Management

Locations: Cuesta College, Lake Tahoe Community College, Online, Truckee Meadows Community College

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Global Business Management is a very useful degree. That's because It applies in so many different situations. You will learn the basis of good business management. Finance and economics, operations, leadership, marketing, business law, and accounting are all part of the program. You will also practice valuable workplace skills that you will use in any career. These include teamwork, communication, analysis and decision making, problem-solving, and leadership.

Your bachelor's degree in business management from Sierra Nevada College prepares you for a successful career anywhere. Your job might be public or private, large or small, close to home or across the world. You'll understand how to make a business well-run and profitable, both day-to-day and long-term. Some of the many areas that will be open to you include sales, marketing, finance, operations, accounting, and data analysis.

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