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Finance, investing, economic policy, or banking -
domestically or internationally.

Finance and Economics

B.S.B.A. in Finance and Economics

Economics and finance major with a global focus.

Prepare for a wide range of careers in investments, banking, corporate finance, international trade, economic development, financial services, and economic policy. Courses in Business Law, Corporate Finance, Business Strategy, Economic Theory, Economics of Money, Investment and Banking, and Financial Portfolio & Investments cover the core financial and economic structures and functions underlying today’s dynamic career environment.

“I am being set up for a highly competitive world after graduation. It is amazing how the classes flow into each other to yield so much knowledge.”

– Anthony Caporaso

Gain critical insight into the global economy and world affairs in Global Business Environment, Leadership in a Global Environment, Global Operations Management, Development Economics, and Global Finance & Economics.

“I feel very fortunate to have had such a one-on-one environment with stellar [finance and economics] professors that only a place like Lake Tahoe could attract.”

– Cannon A O’Brien

Meet Finance & Economics major Francesca Curtolo

Class of 2017

My educational experience growing up in Italy was very conservative and traditionally knowledge-based. SNC's liberal arts approach reshaped my perspective to see a bigger framework. I learned to work across disciplines, and through different modalities. . . . Read More

Real-World Finance

As a finance major, take an an interactive approach to developing the skills you will need to be competitive in today’s economy. Create and manage your own investment portfolios, testing your strategies to maximize returns against the market. Participate in a commercial bank management team competing against other “banks” functioning in a complex simulated environment in the senior Capstone class. Intern with local firms in venture capital, investing, merchant banking, accounting, and with the Reno Aces baseball team.

“The Finance and Econ Capstone is a great learning tool for students venturing out into the world because it combines aspects learned in previous sessions in a real-world environment. I had little experience in the banking world, but I thoroughly enjoyed the simulation since it allowed us to ‘learn as we go’ instead of simply reading about it.”

– Anna Canales

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