The Strategies for College Success Program

This is a 3-credit course that introduces effective study skills and time management strategies while providing priority access to tutoring services. The course is designed for students of all levels, to provide a structured, supervised environment in which to learn and apply proven methods for college success to their immediate situation.

The class meets twice a week, for an hour and fifteen minutes each meeting. Students spend the class working with a Peer Mentor, who actively monitors the Student’s other courses,  tracking those courses’ deadlines, major objectives, and the Student’s progress towards completing each assigned task. The Mentor also serves as a role model and a sounding board for implementing effective time-management and other academic skills.

We’ve had great success with the Strategies for College Success program. For example, since we instituted the mandatory course, the number of Probation and Provisional students who achieve Good Standing has nearly doubled:

  • In Spring 2009, 33% achieved Good Standing (before SCS)
  • In Spring 2010, 61% achieved Good Standing (with SCS)
  • In Fall 2011, 68% achieved Good Standing (with SCS), and since then, to present, 63% have achieved Good Standing

Please contact Henry Conover for more information



You will spend the majority of the class time in a Study Hall-type environment, focused on completing assignments from your current classes.

This is consistently rated as the most helpful element of the program.


Peer Mentors check on your progress in your other classes and help you prepare for—and meet—deadlines.

Grades in the 3-credit SCS course are based on attendance and active participation, so your GPA could get a boost!


The class features basic training for:

  • Web technology like Canvas
  • Email and printer set up and connectivity
  • Creating and managing your schedule
  • Giving presentations; And more


Tutoring sessions for other courses are arranged during class time, so that you can focus on learning instead of logistics.


We have established close communication with other instructors on campus, so we can help intervene or advocate for you.

We know from experience what other instructors expect and how to help students succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is this course required?

    As a condition of your Probationary or Provisional Status, Sierra Nevada College expects you to do a number of things that we have found will increase your chances of success. We require these things because we believe they give you the greatest opportunity to excel in the future. When you do these things, we can do our best at assisting you academically.

  • Why can I only count this course as an elective one time?

    The first time you take this course, you can count the 3 credit hours towards your degree, because we believe the course provides real instruction and skills training. But if you take it a second time, you’ll be reviewing the same skills! You can’t count it twice for the same reason you can’t count Biology 101 twice.

  • Does it count towards my GPA?

    Yes! Each time you take ELCT 105, it is calculated in your GPA. If you are taking it a second time, it will be counted as part of your GPA, but not towards your degree, just like ENGL 90 or MATH 90.

  • Can I get out of it?

    Yep! Just raise your Cumulative GPA to a 2.0!