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Entrepreneurial Thinking: Your Academic and Economic Advantage

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step on a journey to secure your future career. At the College of Entrepreneurial Leadership, you will learn that interdisciplinary education results in entrepreneurial thinking. The kind of thinking that creates innovative leaders.

A Challenging and Inspiring Environment for Entrepreneurial Engagement

At SNU Tahoe, in the College of Entrepreneurial Leadership, education takes place in one of the most beautiful and challenging environments in the world – an environment that requires real innovation across every discipline. What do we mean by when we say “true innovation?” It’s simple: entrepreneurial thinking allows one to see beyond what exists and imagine possibilities. In our learn-by-doing environment, you will transcend problem identification and lead the way by learning to suggest solutions. Entrepreneurship is about more than starting a business. It is an interdisciplinary approach to life, one that is valuable in the workplace, the artist studio, the rugged backcountry, at the writing desk, and on the startup team. At the SNU Tahoe College of Entrepreneurial leadership, you will be prepared for the future. You will be ready for everything. We guarantee it.

Our Guarantee – You Will Be Employed on Graduation

Complete your education at the SNU Tahoe College of Entrepreneurial Leadership, and we are confident that you will find suitable employment related to your degree. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find immediate employment, it’s not the end. You are welcome to come back to SNU Tahoe for a full semester. In that semester, the mentorship, courses, and preparation necessary to land that first position in your chosen field will set you on the right path. At no charge.

Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership
Majors and Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts alumna Miranda McFarland draws on Juanita's Gallery at her exhibition In Sight


Studio Art, Creative Writing, & Communications

Our faculty are exhibiting artists, working journalists, and award-winning authors. You will build a portfolio of your work with their close mentorship, and gain the skills to survive in the challenging field that is creative work. Entrepreneurial thinking is nothing new in the creative and communication arts. Learn to make a living as a creative while you work in an environment that has inspired generations. Our galleries host internationally known artists, and our own BFA students' shows, side by side. Our Fine Arts, Journalism, and Creative Writing students and faculty win awards and top graduate school spots across the country.

Join us. Exhibit, publish, create and innovate in materials from metal to clay, ink to the internet, and on screens big and small.

Undergraduate Majors
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Graduate Degrees
Young woman in dark blazer with long hair at SNU Tahoe College of Entrepreneurial Leadership pitch competition


Enterprise Creation & Management

Learn the practical tools of enterprise creation and management from professionals. Exercise those tools in competitions where you apply your entrepreneurial thinking skills. Get mentor input from the successful entrepreneurs who gravitate to the Tahoe Basin and have joined SNU Tahoe's Center for Leadership Mentors.

Join the Tahoe Entrepreneur's Assembly. Dive into Reno's growing tech scene, including the Tesla/Panasonic gigafactory, UNR Innevation Center, Switch, and a growing group of start-ups. Change the world with your next enterprise, big or small, local, national, or international.

Undergraduate Majors
Interdisciplinary UG Programs
    Two Sierra Nevada University science students analyze water samples in Lake Tahoe


    Environmental, Social, & Life Sciences

    Build and challenge your science and sustainability skills and knowledge in a one-of-a-kind laboratory: The Tahoe Basin. Our location is a unique ecosystem, with an extensive research and stewardship presence. Whether your long-term goals are medicine, environmental research, or sustainable practice, there is no environment to learn-by-doing like the Tahoe Basin. Intern with organizations including the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (on campus), USFS, USGS, the Desert Research Institute, and medical and mental health practitioners. Labs and field courses range across northern Nevada and California.

    Our students and faculty publish their work in scientific journals, continue their research in the field and land spots in top internship positions and graduate schools.

    Undergraduate Majors
    Interdisciplinary UG Programs

      Teacher Education

      teacher in front of an enthusiastic elementary classroomSNU’s Teacher Education department has been teaching successful teachers for three decades. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, at several convenient locations and online. All on-ground classes are scheduled after school hours, so you can get your degree while you’re working.

      All our degree programs qualify for federal student aid. Our schedule makes it possible to complete your degree in under two years. Endorsement, continuing education, and licensing courses are also offered.

      Locations: Reno, Las Vegas

      Undergraduate Degrees
      Graduate Degrees

      Learn how to make this YOUR future.

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