The Center for Leadership Mentors

Mentorship – The key to your future beyond graduation

Few things are more important in your college relationship than meaningful mentor relationships. These vital connections will help you navigate the complexities of your college experience all the way through the uncertainty and promise of your post-college career. Seeking a connection through the center may be the most important move of your life.

We are so very fortunate to be in Tahoe

There is a fortune beyond the beauty and challenge of the basin and range environment of Tahoe. There is a community of entrepreneurs and leaders that choose to live on these shores. This fortune is one the Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership is able to share with you. Our community is like no other on the planet and it is here for you.
Fine Arts student Flor Widmar is mentored by professor Rick Parsons

A community of success and commitment to our students

“A graduate is a changed person, and they provide those changed values to the community on graduation.”
– Dr. Wayne Prim, Chairman Emeritus of the Board, member of the Center for Leadership Mentors

Our mentors volunteer because they know the value of the mentors in their life. They are deeply connected to sharing that experience with students across all disciplines. Our Center members understand, as Steven Speilberg once said, that “the delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

A lifetime of value

At SNC Tahoe, we know mentor-student relationships that form through the Center for Leadership Mentors are critical. Connections that form through the Center and through the close-knit personal attention our low faculty-to-student ratio affords are fundamental to student success.

Our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem

While it may be true that mentor connections can form on any campus, any place on campus. However, we also know that Tahoe is a special case. There is a dense population of entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders that choose the shores of the lake as their home.

As community members, center members chose to make themselves available to our students. The hidden beauty of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership is simple. Our community wants you to succeed, and they are willing to put in the work if you are.