I Was Found at SNC

English major Ryan Donoghue takes a hike during the fall around Lake Tahoe

Ryan Donoghue

Major: English

Class of 2016

During my time spend away from academia, I developed an insatiable appetite for literature and realized that our orientation to the world depends on the language we use to define it; studying literature fosters that growing and knowing. . . . Read More

Angel Gonzalez, Psychology major, smiling while at the beach

Angel Gonzalez

Major: Psychology

Class of 2017

My inspiration is always to inspire change, acceptance, and holistic thinking. I want to challenge people's perspectives and my own biases. . . . Read More

Jason Paladino, Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Journalism major, has picture taken outside

Jason Paladino

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Journalism

Class of 2012

While still in grad school at the the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Jason Paladino began an in-depth investigation into safety issues on U.S. Navy aircraft which led to a prestigious Investigative Reporting Program fellowship, three NBC Nightly News broadcasts (Feb 3 2015, Oct 5 2015, and Oct 9 2015), and a piece on the IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors) Radio Podcast. . . . Read More

Andrew Lubrano, Finance and Economics major, poses with big catch on his boat on Lake Tahoe

Andrew Lubrano

Major: Finance and Economics

Class of 2017

I have fished Lake Tahoe most of my life. I began working as a deckhand on Captain West Mueller's charter boat the Uno Mas when I was 13, became a Coast Guard Licensed Captain 6 years later, and started my company Nor-Cal Charters the following year. . . . Read More

Miranda McFarland

Major: Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts

Class of 2017

Why do we need art? For me this will always be the mystery I crave to understand.
Recently my art has been focusing on my body's relationship to my environment. I came up with the idea to dive into the lake, hold my breath, and scratch circular gestures into a copper plate that I take to the studio and make prints. It is these mark makings that become artifacts of my body. I love being an artist. . . . Read More

Digital Arts and Management major Nick Cahill gets the shot from above while flying upside down

Nick Cahill

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Digital Arts and Management

Class of 2013

Nick Cahill, Media Director for Force 12 Media, first became involved with video and photography making videos of his friends' sweet adventures and taking photographs of the racecar he built. His education in digital arts at SNC gave him the skills and experience to take his work to a professional level. . . . Read More

Collyn Aubrey, Bachelor of Fine Arts, stands within piece at exhibition titled In the Waiting Line

Collyn Aubrey

Major: Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts

Class of 2017

At SNC I found a true community of students and teachers, who pushed me to explore beyond traditional boundaries and believe in myself as an interdisciplinary artist. I would never want to experience undergraduate education any other way. . . . Read More

Francesca Curtolo

Major: Finance and Economics

Class of 2017

My educational experience growing up in Italy was very conservative and traditionally knowledge-based. SNC's liberal arts approach reshaped my perspective to see a bigger framework. I learned to work across disciplines, and through different modalities. . . . Read More

Anza Jarschke, New Genre, Psychology major gives two thumbs up

Anza Jarschke

Major: Fine Arts – New Genres, Psychology

Class of 2013

I began working working as a crisis mental health counselor immediately after graduation. Currently, I manage the Djerassi Resident Artists Program and will be starting an MA in Social Justice and Community Organizing in fall of 2017. Before SNC, I couldn’t comprehend how expansive my future could be. . . . Read More

New Media Journalism student Gabby Dodd, headshot

Gabby Dodd

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in New Media Journalism

Class of 2020

When I first came to SNC I had no idea what I wanted to do, besides skiing. Then I found out about the New Media Journalism major. That brought my writing ability in and my passion for telling stories together in a unique way that integrates journalism, photography and other digital media, and business skills. The most inspirational thing to me is seeing journalists who go out of their way to create stories so powerful that they enact change. . . . Read More

Sustainability and Ski Business Resort Management alumna Marina McCoy enjoys a sunset

Marina McCoy

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability, Ski Business and Resort Management

Class of 2016

"Waste Free Earth isn’t just about music festivals. It’s about using music festivals as a platform to inspire environmental sustainability in our everyday lives and in our communities. Imagine the kind of impact that would have.” . . . Read More

Gus Tjenagel, Science major, holding tank with non-native fish to put in Truckee River

Gus Tjernagel

Major: Environmental Science, Ecology

Class of 2017

My passion for the environment sparked my interest in conservation and ecology. My favorite experiences here at SNC have been field classes that involve camping out for days in the wilderness with like-minded people. . . . Read More

Science major Makenzie OConnor waves to camera

Makenzie O'Connor

Major: Environmental Science, Ecology

Class of 2016

I began my experience at SNC with a Yosemite backpacking trip, and immediately felt connected to the world in an entirely different way. For my senior research methods course, I designed a study to research the effects of prolonged wet and dry periods on soil denitrification in wetlands of the Sierra Nevada. Denitrification is an incredibly important ecological process by which nitrates are removed from soil and runoff, and it hasn't been studied in Sierra mountain environments! . . . Read More

Marissa Hushaw

Major: Global Business Management, Ski Business and Resort Management

Class of 2018

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California thinking of myself as a "snowflake in the sand". When I started snowboard competition at 10, I competed against boys because there weren't enough girls. I love snowboarding and people, so I could not have picked a better school than SNC. . . . Read More

Bryce Bullins, who received his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing poses for a picture

Bryce Bullins

Major: English, Music

Class of 2014

My undergraduate professors drove me to be a better student and a better person, but they also gave me the space and the encouragement to find my own way. I gained confidence and validation as an artist and a critical thinker. When I decided to pursue poetry at a more serious level, the stellar faculty and low residency model of SNC's MFA in Creative Writing program made it an easy decision. . . . Read More

Art and Psychology major, Justine Nelson explores a grass field

Justine Nelson

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology and Art

Class of 2016

Growing up in the small town of Incline Village has been a blessing in my life, teaching me the importance of connection with my community and the environment. We all have the capability to help each other grow, and my studies at SNC have shown me just how far we reach! . . . Read More

Estefania Gonzalez, Finance and Economics and International Studies major, happy to stay in Incline Village

Estefania Rivera Gonzalez

Major: Finance and Economics, International Studies

Class of 2017

As long as I can remember, I've liked learning about different countries, languages, religions, and cultures. So when it came time to chose a major, I knew that International Studies was right for me. My dream is to go to India, the Caribbean, South East Asia, and Europe to immerse myself in their rich cultures. Eventually I want to just pick a point on the map and travel there the next day! . . . Read More