Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a powerful and talented body dedicated to the service and stewardship of Sierra Nevada University.  For a college of its size, the SNU Board is unparalleled in its depth of experience, philanthropy, and worldly success.

Officers and Committees

Chairman of the Board

  • Dr. Atam Lalchandani

Chairman Emeritus

  • Dr. Wayne Prim

Vice-Chairs of the Board

  • Janet Lowe
  • Roland W. Schumann III

Executive Committee

  • Dave Collins
  • Warren Kocmond
  • Dr. Atam Lalchandani, Chair
  • Janet Lowe
  • Scott Minick
  • Dr. Wayne Prim
  • Roland W. Schumann III
  • Jim Steinmann

Academic Affairs Committee Chair

  • Warren Kocmond

Enrollment Management and Marketing Committee Chair

  • Janet Lowe

Facilities & Grounds Committee Chair

  • Jim Steinmann

Finance Committee Chair

  • Scott Minick

Institutional Advancement Committee Chair

  • Dave Collins

Long Range Strategic Planning Committee Chair

  • Dave Collins

Meet the Board of Trustees

Dr. Atam Lalchandani Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Chair, Executive Committee

Dr. Wayne Prim Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees

Janet Lowe Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Interim Chair, Enrollment Management and Marketing Committee

Roland W. Schumann IIIVice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Li Han Chan Trustee

Dave Collins Trustee; Chair, Institutional Advancement and Long Range Strategic Planning Committees

Chuck Dowd Trustee Emeritus and Advisory

Patty Engels Trustee

Vanessa Franking Trustee

Dr. Mridul Gautam Trustee

Bob Hall Trustee

Emmett H. Hall Jr.Trustee

Sandy Hardie Trustee

Walter M Higgins III Trustee

Jennifer Aleman Hutter Trustee

Bruce James Advisory Trustee

Roger Kahn Trustee

Senator Ben Kieckhefer Trustee

Dr. Barry Klein Trustee

Warren Kocmond Trustee; Chair, Academics Affairs Committee

Julia Mailander Trustee

Scott Minick Trustee; Chair, Finance Committee

Richard Offerdahl Advisory Trustee

Bob Preger Trustee

Gene Pretti Advisory Trustee

Dr. Ben Solomon Trustee

Jim Steinmann Trustee; Chair, Facilities and Grounds, Chair, Building Committee

Roger Wittenberg Advisory Trustee