Sierra Nevada University Interim President Dr. Ed Zschau
Welcome to the newly renamed Sierra Nevada University of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

About the College of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Welcome to the Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

As a student here you will enjoy a uniquely valuable educational experience. It will prepare you for your first job opportunities after graduation, and it will enable you to enjoy a lifetime of earning, learning, and contributing to a better world.

For most of our courses, our professors employ a “learn by doing” approach for your education. Our courses are enhanced by close relationships with your professors who themselves have years of real-life experiences in the disciplines that they teach. Our entire educational program focuses on helping you learn how to be an effective leader in the endeavors that you choose to pursue and how to follow an entrepreneurial life path of creative contributions. All of our undergraduate students are exposed to the best that we offer in our areas of educational excellence:

In addition, all of our undergraduate students are grounded in the Humanities by our innovative courses in history, government, and ethics. Our required courses provide you with a solid educational foundation and also help you to select the fields in which you wish to concentrate during your college years.

For incoming freshman students, your four years here will include new educational experiences that will enable you to become better prepared for your first job after graduation. Those include valuable mentoring relationships with residents in our local community who have been successful in their careers and who want to share their experiences with our students. In addition, each of you will devote a full semester in your junior year working in an organization that is operating in your field of interest.

In July 2019, the Trustees of the College voted to adopt our new name since it reflects more clearly the valuable educational experiences that we have been offering in the past and which will be strengthened and expanded during your years here. We will help you live a life of being innovative and committed to making your innovations real. That’s how you will create value for others on whatever life path your interests and capabilities lead you to follow. As an entrepreneurial leader, you will enjoy many opportunities in the years ahead to make your own special contributions to your community and to the world.

Come learn more about the Sierra Nevada College of Entrepreneurial Leadership and how we can prepare you for a bright future of fulfilling your full potential.

Ed Zschau
Interim President

Dr. Zschau discusses the College of Entrepreneurial Leadership on ‘Face the State’, KTVN Channel 2