2019 Sierra Nevada University business plan President's Cup winners L-R Austin Thomas, Harris Bedford, Samantha Conaway
Austin Thomas took 1st place for the "Paired Barrel", a taproom and catering company pairing craft beers and bites.

2019 Jim and Jan Steinmann Business Plan Competition Winners

Five teams of students presented their final business plans on April 23 to a panel of expert judges, as well as an audience of SNC students, faculty, and administrators. This is the final step in SNC Tahoe Business Department’s Jim and Jan Steinmann Business Plan Competition Series. These student entrepreneurs have been working for months on their businesses, and were eager to share their plans.

The 2019 Winners:

1st place – The Paired Barrel – Austin Thomas – $3,000
A taproom and catering company based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. The Paired Barrel will provide beer and bites pairing, offering a true eating experience.

2nd place – Party Pals – Samantha Conaway – $1,500
Party Pals is an ecommerce endeavor for people to buy party supplies and decorations, such as cupcake toppers in the shape of popular dance moves from the video game Fortnite.

3rd place – PC Builder – Harris Bedford – $500
A website that helps you find the parts you need for your PC build. You put in your budget and what you need, and PC Builder will find the rest.

2019 Sierra Nevada College business plan President's Cup 2nd place winner Samantha Conaway
2nd Place Winner Samantha Conaway
2019 Sierra Nevada College business plan President's Cup 1st place winner Austin Thomas
1st Place Winner Austin Thomas
2019 Sierra Nevada College business plan President's Cup 3rd place winner Harris Bedford
3rd Place Winner Harris Bedford
Also Presenting:

FireFly – Vilde Johansen and Luka Gobec
FireFly is a B2G service model drone that drops C02 bombs on wildfires, taking away one of the fire’s 3 elements of life – oxygen. The drones work remotely, allowing firefighters to stay safe in dangerous conditions.

AutoAppoint – Jake Shields
AutoAppoint is a scheduling software for sales people. The software optimizes scheduling efforts to increase profits.

The business plan brought together a tough group of judges. The local entrepreneurs and business executives have worked in a variety of business sectors, bringing different expertise to the table. The judges were Janet Lowe, co-founder of CPLEX; Wendy Hummer, owner of EXL Media Corp; Terry Jones, author and founder of Travelocity.com, and founding chairman of Kayak.com; Jim Steinmann, founder and president of Steinmann Facility Development Consultants; and Richard Gire, author, publisher, practicing member of the California Bar, and SNC Tahoe faculty member.

Business Plan Competitions at SNC Tahoe

The SNC Business Plan Competition series begins with the Innovative Idea competition in the fall. At the Pitch Competition in late winter, each team submits a three-minute pitch video. For the final President’s Cup Competition, the competing teams are judged both on their written business plans and five-minute live presentations. The teams use PowerPoint, video, and even physical prototypes to make their pitch, present a short market analysis and financial summary, and respond to questions from the judges.

Courtesy: Zoe Tuttle, Eagle’s Eye