2017 Student Symposium

The 2017 Sierra Nevada College Student Symposium, the culminating academic event of the year and a wonderful display of active learning in action, was held on May 4, 2017.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all of the students whose creativity, initiative, and hard work were so impressively on display.

“The student projects were impressive examples of research and applied learning. I am proud of all of the students.”

Provost Shannon Beets

The Winners:

1st Place

Collyn Aubrey
Fine Arts Department
Project: In the Waiting Line
Award: $3,000

2nd Place

Giulianna Crivello, Paul Wohlberg, Rachel Whelan and Dylan Eckert
Business Department
Project: L I M I T
Award: $1,500

3rd Place

Caden Goss
Science and Technology Department
Project: Using Diatom Stalk Length as an Indicator for Nutrient Conditions in Lake Tahoe
Award: $750

People’s Choice

Madison Johnson
Humanities and Social Sciences Department
Project: Pokémon: A Metaphysical Romance of the Imaginary and Virtual
Award: $750

Other Participants


David Wadleigh and Kierra Keller
Project: OnSno

Eric Unterberger
Project: Curo

Michelle Mayer and Rachel Whelan
Project: Fire Light Mountain Resort

Fine Arts

Miranda McFarland
Project: “Juanita’s Mobile Gallery”

Ian Weiczorek
Project: “Leaching Fire”

Science and Technology

Gustav Tjernagel
Project: Effects of Crayfish on Stream Periphyton in the Truckee River

Brett M. Cassel
Project: Will increased CO2 lead to more algae in our lakes?

Humanities and Social Sciences

Ryan Donoghue
Project: Our Facilitation of the Acceleration of Media and Technology: A Literary Meditation

Angel J. Gonzalez
Project: Scent of a Man: The Impact of Cologne Advertisements on Male Body Image

Meghan Herbst
Project: Marijuana in the Sagebrush State

Arno Ruymaekers
Project: Time is Ticking: Feeling Stressed or Motivated?

Jamie Wanzek
Project: Skeleton Forest