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Gina Frangello is the author of A Life With Men, under development as a series on Netflix, and Every Kind of Wanting.

February 4 – February 5

TCES 139/141
Writers in the Woods - Gina Frangello

Carmen Maria Machado, author of the memoir In the Dream House and the short story collection Her Body and Other Parties.

March 4 – March 5

TCES 139/141
Writers in the Woods - Carmen Maria Machado

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A gift to student scholarships has a continued impact on our students and the world they shape as adults.

Such a beautiful day - even the clouds are on a break at the lake. #tahoe #sierranevadauniversity
The Lake, the mountains, and those wide-open spaces: our environment at Sierra Nevada University produces scholars ranging from artists to attorneys, teachers to entrepreneurs, scientists to community leaders, and more. Give now and be secure in the satisfaction of knowing your participation sets the stage for students graduating ready to make a difference in their communities and beyond. Instigate their transformation. Embrace their journey to self-realization. Be their champion.

Schools out and there’s fresh snow on the mountain! 

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