Winners of the High School Writing Contest Announced

After much deliberation by the English faculty, Sierra Nevada College is very happy to announce the winners of the second-annual creative writing contest for high school students.

Nearly 400 students submitted work, with over 560 entries. Submissions came from across the country and ranged geographically from Hawaii to Maine. The readers were all impressed by the quality of writing from the finalists and it was a difficult decision in each category.

All winners will receive a cash prize and be offered a scholarship to Sierra Nevada College.


Poetry Winners:

1st: First Kiss by Hannah Srajer (Fair Oaks, IL)

2nd: Dirt by Madeleine Wattenbarger (Philadelphia PA)

3rd: American History by Christina Stella (Bethlehem, PA)

Poetry Finalists:

Sera Park
Miriah Birnbaum
Rosa Wolf
Olivia Monical
Sarah Thompson
Yunshu Luo
Wesley Chou

Fiction Winners:

1st: Lung by Rosa Wolf (Boise, Idaho)

2nd: Dear Edna by Eve Kelly (Palo Alto, CA)

3rd: The Wait for Paradise by Anthony Otten (Earlanger, KY)

Fiction Finalists:

Brian Geiger
Stella Malin
Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh
M.E. Kalb
Anna Gabrielle Isorena
Alexandra Grese
Remington Maxwell
Katherine Uber
Christophe Basset

Creative Nonfiction Winner:

1st: Taped by Yunshu Luo (Chesterfield, MO)

2nd: Confusion by Zoe Everett (Boise, Idaho)

3rd: Life Goes On by Rebecca Huga (Ayer, MA)

Creative Nonfiction Finalists:

Rosa Wolf
Madeleine Wattenbarger
Cailin Stephenson
Phillip Wachowiak
Michael Clark
Cassidy Madden
Chalea Waite