Ty Dayberry

Interdisciplinary Studies major Ty Dayberry is able to ski during the week due to his flexible schedule at SNC Tahoe

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability

Class of: 2014

Being a full-time local here in Lake Tahoe has been more than a blessing for me, and being able to continue my schooling here at SNC has been one too. I decided to attend Sierra Nevada so I could continue to live in the place I love. I saw that the flexible schedules here could accompany my active lifestyle, and while in the classroom my teachers could relate the subject matter to the area we live in while making learning experiences hands-on, fun, and interesting. It is great! I can go ski fresh snow in the morning at any of the local resorts or backcountry, then have time to make it back to the classroom on time to learn. Sierra Nevada is the ideal situation for me because it embodies all the amazing aspects of Tahoe life.