Miranda McFarland

Major: Fine Arts , Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts

Class of: 2017

A lot of people, I’ve noticed, do not understand art because they don’t see its value for their survival. For example, food is something we all need to be able to stay alive, but ART, ART is something entirely different. Why do we need art? For me this will always be the mystery I crave to understand.

“If college is really about picking a career and dedicating your life to that, well, I am picking my passion – of course – and dedicating my life to art.”


Deerhead photo courtesy of Kyly Clark

Originally SNC was not part of the plan; I was going to get my AA at the community college in Truckee and then transfer to Santa Cruz. After growing up in Orange County, I couldn’t wait to play outside in a forest and go swimming in fresh water. A good friend was a student here, and I realized pretty quickly that SNC was the exact school I was looking for: nobody was excluded, lots of spontaneous dorm gatherings creating real friendships. It was amazing to feel this school’s spirit in each and every individual I encountered.

In my junior year my art focused on my body’s relationship to my environment, capturing the process my body endures when it is performing. So I came up with the idea to dive into the lake, hold my breath, and scratch circular gestures into a copper plate. I then take that copper plate to the studio and make prints. It is these mark makings that become artifacts of my body. I included this work in my Mid-way Art Portfolio Group Show.


Being an Art Major here comes with some very beneficial perks. My classes are very small, so I’ve build strong relationships with my professors. They understand what I am interested in, they challenge and guide me in the right direction. They are all such great mentors and amazing people, I am thankful for them to be sharing their wisdom with me. I call this art department home!

I love being an artist.

BFA Exhibition: “In, Sight”