Marina McCoy


Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability , Ski Business and Resort Management

Class of: 2016

It wasn’t until halfway through high school that I realized I couldn’t live without the mountains. When it was time to apply to college, I stumbled upon Sierra Nevada College while researching colleges located near the mountains. I searched their website, took the virtual tour online, immediately fell in love and applied right then. I had never been out west, but I took the chance and bought a one way ticket to Tahoe. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision – looking back, I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t taken that leap.

Photo by Kyly Clark

I came to Sierra Nevada College as a Digital Arts major, but after taking my first environmental studies class, Ecopsychology, I realized my deep passion is for the environment and immediately switched my major. Now I am going for a dual degree: BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability, and a BS in Ski Business and Resort Management. I’m proud to say that I am the Sustainability Chair for the Student Government Association, where I was allocated a Green Fund to support more student sustainability initiatives on campus. I am also the creator of a new campus club on campus, Wild Women of Tahoe, where we empowering one another to embrace our wild feminine nature through outdoor activities.

My future goals are to be an activist in the environmental world, to inspire everyone I interact with to live a more sustainable life, and to encourage others to embrace each individual’s uniqueness!