Major: Fine Arts, Psychology
Class of: 2014

WoodmanLaura-sign-400x536In the spring of 1992, I was born into the classic American family. As I grew up I fell deeply in love with the sport figure skating and dedicated a large portion of my early adult life to it. Figure skating taught me about hard work, determination, and the importance of self confidence. During this time I also fell in love with all the mediums in art at school, they seemed to be the only classes I stayed interested in. But at Sierra Nevada College I discovered – by happy chance – my love for psychology. A friend turned me onto Art and Psychology as an interdisciplinary major, and I was hooked and never looked back. Today I hope to take what I have learned here at Sierra Nevada College and carry it into further education, and eventually to a career as an art therapist. One day I will reach my dreams of helping others through art; it’s only a matter of time.