Kallie Day

Psychology major Kallie Day discusses her research at Association for Psychological Sciences

Major: Psychology

Class of: 2014

The first to attend college in her family, Kallie Day came to SNC with an Associates Degree intending to take both online and to on-ground classes to finish her BA as fast as possible. Within months of arriving, however, she recognized the value of the unique learning community on SNC’s campus. Kallie says that the hands-on mentoring, active learning, and access to both her peers and faculty for help are priceless, and she quickly decided to take the time to complete all of her classes on campus, where she learned and worked with other students and faculty on independent research.

Kallie’s research on active learning, conducted in collaboration with a faculty member, gained her a spot in the APS (Association for Psychological Science) Conference, the nation’s largest conference in psychology research. “I know that the education that I am getting is highly important, and the coaching and the training I am getting are beyond wonderful,” she asserts.

According to Kallie, that one-on-one experience is just part of everyday life here at SNC. “Here, I have 30 different people – between my job, the psychology department, housing – who, when they see me struggling, I get that personal assistance. I can’t go a day with being sad or upset here because 20 people will notice. That connectedness gets you the interpersonal skills you need, and then in hand, you develop your intrapersonal skills.” She sums up:

“We talk about the one-on-one, but I think that unless you have been here, and you have soaked it in through all of these people that you are around, the idea doesn’t have much of an impact.”

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