International advocate for water quality and policy Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of renowned pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, was the featured speaker at the 2010 Siebens Binz—Tahoe Forum on the Sierra Nevada College campus on August 28th.

The event highlighted Ms. Cousteau’s worldwide journey to educate people about the water issues that affect us all—from Botswana to Lake Tahoe.

The 2010 Siebens Binz—Tahoe Forum continues SNC’s more than decade-long tradition of bringing high-profile speakers to the community. The event was created in 1997 in alignment with the mission of Sierra Nevada College, which emphasizes environmental, social, economic, and cultural responsibility and sustainability. This program has been embraced by the community, thanks to Nancy Binz who, with her financial support (as well as of Sierra Nevada College in general), has elevated the Siebens Binz-Tahoe Forum to a status unimagined thirteen years ago.