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About SGA

Student Government Association (SGA) exists to be the official voice of the student body at Sierra Nevada College. All undergraduate students are members of the SGA. The student body elects the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Senate President each Spring. The elected officers serve to represent student voice for matters concerning the administration of the college and local community. 

SGA Officers

  • President
    Aaron Wiener
  • Vice President
    Cole Mizak
  • Secretary
    MeiLi LeRoy
  • Treasurer
    Brendan Wheelwright
  • Director of Events
    Haley Gray
  • Director of Public Relations
    Katie Russie
  • Sustainability Chair
    Marina McCoy
  • Faculty Advisor
    Will Hoida, Dean of Students
  • Senior Senator
    Alexis Philips
  • Junior Senator
    Richard Evangalista
  • Sophomore Senator
    Austin Farina
  • Freshman Senator
    Frankie Sanchez
  • Business Department Senator
    Sasha Severance
  • Psychology Department
    Stephanie Kwon