Clubs are one of the best ways for students to have an active role on campus. Currently there are 15 clubs with a wide range of opportunities and activities. Clubs partner with a faculty advisor and community partner to help fulfill the mission, vision, fundraising, and activities of the club.

If you have any questions about how to join a particular club or start your own, please email the SGA at Download the Club and Organization packet here: PDF | DOCX.

Below you will find a list of each club and its respective officers and mission statement.

Art Club
President: Stephanie Campbel
Vice President: Carly Petrie
Treasurer: Matty Ambrose
Secretary: Marrain Bauer
Faculty Advisor: Mary Kenny
Mission Statement: To promote awareness and appreciation of, and education about the arts to the campus and local communities.

Baking Club
President: Katie Russie
Vice President: MeiLi LeRoy
Treasurer: Liz Guth
Faculty Advisor: Shannon Huddy
Mission Statement: To connect with the school and community through baking and fundraising.

Comedy Club
President: Max Irving
Treasurer: Sean Burke
Faculty Advisor: Chuck Levitan
Mission Statement: To get together, create jokes, laugh, and connect as a community.

Creative Writing Club
President: Emily Provencher
Vice President: Chris Muravez
Treasurer: Connor Jordan
Secretary: Christina Cervi
Faculty Advisor: June Saraceno
Mission Statement: Dedicated to the continuous progression of the written word, whether it be poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or the like.

Disc Golf Club
President: Nick Spille
Vice President: Jason Maynez
Treasurer: Greg Gonzalez
Faculty Advisor: Rosie Hackett
Mission Statement: To promote the sport of disc golf in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all students to participate regardless of gender or ability.

Eagle’s Eye Club
President: Rebekah Ashley
Vice President: Terra Breeden
Treasurer: Sage Sauerbrey
Secretary: Jamie Waznek
Faculty Advisor: Tanya Canino
Mission Statement: To encourage other students to become active in campus and community news.

Music Club
President: Max Irving
Treasurer: Kosei Champollion
Mission Statement: To come together as musicians and play music, create bands, and connect as a community.

Paddle Club
President: Michael Bashaw
Vice President: Nick Spille
Treasurer: Nathan Breese
Faculty Advisor: Andy Rost
Mission Statement: To create an environment of healthy adventure through paddle sports that involves the saturation of water and promotes a healthy environment.

Pride Club
President: Aaron Wiener
Treasurer: Alexis Phillips
Faculty Advisor: Lizzie Thibodeau
Mission Statement: To provide a safe, welcoming group of students for LGBT people and friends who support equal rights for all individuals and wish to educate others about this subject. We create community while building long-lasting friendships. We strive to promote tolerance, education, and communication about issues that affect the community in which we live through being active and visible.

Psychology Club
President: Stephanie Kwon
Vice President: Zach Birdsell
Treasurer: Tess Rafello
Secretary: Sarah Fricke
Faculty Advisor: Christina Frederick
Mission Statement: To encourage psychology club members and instill passion within each individual to define and reach their goals in the psychology world. By sharing independent research, internships, volunteer services, and questions within the psychological breadth, we will all equally reap benefits in preparation for graduate school and career.

Climbing Club
President: Chris Hoffmann
Vice President: Joey Bianco
Treasurer: Evan Cook
Secretary: Ashley White
Faculty Advisor: Will Hoida
Mission Statement: To improve all aspects of climbing and crush any rock that stands in our way.

Student Veterans Club
President: Henry Phillips
Treasurer: Nathan Breese
Faculty Advisor: Katie Zanto
Mission Statement: To help veterans succeed in their transition from the military to college and into a career.

Super Duper Skate Club
President: Bryant Davis
Treasurer: Cory Rudolph
Faculty Advisor: Richard Gire
Mission Statement: To promote the sport of skateboarding here at SNC, and to contribute back to the Tahoe Basin and the communities within it.

Water Ski Club
President: Cory Johnson
Vice President: Ben Merill
Treasurer: Ian Van Metre
Secretary: Haley Gray
Faculty Advisor: Kendra Wong
Mission Statement: To unite students through an active and skillful sport while striving to build a healthy competitive spirit for all. We will grow as individuals and as team members to expand our knowledge and abilities.

Geology Club
President: Jai Odyssea
Treasurer: Joe Paolini
Faculty Advisor: Andy Rost
Mission Statement: To learn about the naturally occurring minerals in the area in a physical way.

Wild Women of Tahoe Club
President: Marina McCoy
Vice President: 
Chaunteil Carte
Miranda McFarland
Katie O’Hara
Faculty Advisor:
Rosie Hackett
Mission Statement: Empowering one another to embrace our wild feminine nature through outdoor activities.