Clubs are one of the best ways for students to have an active role on campus. Currently there are 15 clubs with a wide range of opportunities and activities. Clubs partner with a faculty advisor and community partner to help fulfill the mission, vision, fundraising, and activities of the club.

If you have any questions about how to join a particular club or start your own, please email the SGA at Download the Club and Organization packet here: PDF | DOCX.

Below you will find a list of each club and its respective officers and mission statement.

Art Club
President: Bryce Betterley
Treasurer: Carly Petrie
Club Advisor: Mary Kenny
Mission Statement: To promote awareness and appreciation of, and education about the arts to the campus and local communities.

Clay Club
President: Flor Widmar
Treasurer: Ian Wieczorek
Club Advisor: Rick Parsons
Mission Statement: To expose members to contemporary clay artists, their work aesthetics, and their ideas through conference participation, exhibitions and visiting artists.

Climbing Club
President: Keck Angle
Treasurer: Evan Cook
Club Advisor: Will Hoida
Mission Statement: To improve all aspects of climbing and crush any rock that stands in our way.

Creative Writing Club
President: Chris Muravez
Treasurer: Marissa Stone
Club Advisor: June Saraceno
Mission Statement: Dedicated to the continuous progression of the written word, whether it be poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or the like.

Eagle’s Eye Club
President: Marissa Stone
Treasurer: Drew Fisher
Club Advisor: Tanya Canino
Mission Statement: To Promote the Eagle’s Eye newspaper and website to the SNC campus, and to involve journalism and non-journalism students with the Eagle’s Eye activities.

Fire Arts Club
President: Nicholas Vienneau
Treasurer: Kat Fulwider
Club Advisor: Samantha Bankston
Mission Statement: To teach the student body object manipulation and fire arts, to educate them in fire safety, and to hold performances for the student body and local residents.

First Generation Club
President: Israel Carillo
Treasurer: Yami Gutierrez
Club Advisor: Katie Zanto
Mission Statement: To support First Generation students academically and socially, and to contribute to the community through service.

Golf Club
President: Danny Graebel
Treasurer: Andrew Hardy
Club Advisor: Kendra Wong
Mission Statement: To provide a fun and friendly environment for golfers of all skill levels. Whether hitting balls at the driving range or playing in a scramble tournament, the Golf Club is a must for anyone trying to improve their golf game or just have a great day on the course.

Justice Club
President: Kelly Benson
Treasurer: Clair Stover
Club Advisor: Brennan Lagasse
Mission Statement: We seek the stability and well-being of humans and our planet through the elimination of socially constructed forms of oppression and environmental degradation, and through the application of social justice.

Net Impact Club
President: Zach Maley
Treasurer: Kelly Benson
Club Advisor: Kendra Wong
Mission Statement: To inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Performance Club
President: Kayla Meltzer
Treasurer: Jeremy Katz
Club Advisor: Holly Atkins
Mission Statement: To provide students an opportunity to perform in a “coffee house” setting in the cafeteria.

Pride Club
President: Aaron Wiener
Treasurer: Zoey Gustafson
Club Advisor: Lizzie Thibodeau
Mission Statement: To provide a safe, welcoming group of students for LGBT people and friends who support equal rights for all individuals and wish to educate others about this subject. We create community while building long-lasting friendships. We strive to promote tolerance, education, and communication about issues that affect the community in which we live through being active and visible.

Ski and Snowboard Club
President: Cole Mizak
Treasurer: Ben Merrill
Club Advisor: Nick Anderson
Mission Statement: To broaden the skiing and snowboarding opportunity for the SNC student body and the surrounding Tahoe area.

Students Striving for Sustainability Club
President: Rachel Blum
Treasurer: Marina McCoy
Club Advisor: Andy Rost
Mission Statement: To help make our campus and community more sustainable.

Super Duper Skateboard Club
President: Bryant Davis
Treasurer: Cory Rudolph
Club Advisor: Aaron Zendner
Mission Statement: To promote the sport of skateboarding here at SNC, and to contribute back to the Tahoe Basin and the communities within it.