Your Cutting-Edge Campus

Sierra Nevada College expects all users of our information technology to function in the same way as in the pre-electronic community, practicing the right of free speech and considering the rights of intellectual property in a responsible manner which respects the privacy, the opinions, and the property of others.  Respect and courtesy are just as applicable to uses of IT as they are to the published and spoken word.  Consequently, it is important for all Sierra Nevada IT users to behave in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner consistent with the College’s Mission.

Location and Contact Information

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Department is located in the basement of the Prim Library.  Our primary telephone number is (775) 831-1314 ext. 7500 for the Technology Support Center (the Help Desk).  Our fax number is (775) 832-6128.

Laptop Policy

All new incoming students need to have an appropriate laptop computer and appropriate software for their use during their academic career at SNC.  Note that a desktop computer is insufficient because many classes require the use of a laptop computer in class on a regular or semi-regular basis.  Additionally, some classes occasionally require the use of a laptop computer outside of the regular classroom environment, utilizing SNC’s wireless access facilities, and other classes require the use of a laptop computer while off-campus (e.g., during field trips).  Even courses that one would not normally expect to need computer support sometimes, in fact, do.  For example, in some ceramics classes, students use their computers to calculate formulas for mixing glazes exhibiting differing properties!

The SNC Campus Bookstore provides a selection of computer software, supplies, and minor peripherals (software such as MS Office Professional, and hardware such as mice, mouse-pads, cables, WiFi cards, etc.).  The SNC Special Offers web page also provides information regarding purchase of laptop computers through Dell’s, Apple’s, and HP’s educational discount programs.

Students may purchase software, including the Windows XP Professional operating system and Window’s Office XP Professional, at educational discount prices through CDW-G as well as other vendors found on the SNC Special Offers web page.