SNC ranked as one of the “100 Best U.S. Colleges and Universities by State”

Sierra Nevada College was recently ranked one of the “100 Best U.S. Colleges and Universities by State” by SNC is proud to be included in a list along with other great schools such as Colorado College, Stanford University, Reed College and Dartmouth College. specifically noted, “the college stands by a teaching model that is true to the heart of liberal arts: They encourage students to learn how to apply their skills to real-life and workplace situations.” And, of course, “the powerful and successful skiing and snowboarding teams, which continually rank high in local and national competitions.”

The list includes two schools from each state, one a full-fledged research university, the other a college focused on undergraduate education. Criteria for making the list included the reputation of the school and its faculty, its dedication to a broad liberal arts education, its accreditation, and its overall academic caliber compared to other institutions of the same type. For more information, please contact Director of Assessment and Special Assistant to the Provost, Mallory Kolinski at 775-831-1314 x7433.