Service-learning video showcases how students contribute to community

This powerful video about Yami Gutierrez—a Sierra Nevada College (SNC) student and a graduate of the local non-profit program Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC)—showcases how SNC students are contributing to our community. Two talented students— Nick Cahill and Trevor Jackson—majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies in Digital Arts and Entrepreneurship/ Management filmed and produced this video for a service learning project to support ARC.  A youth development organization that integrates wilderness and literacy, ARC was founded by SNC Professor Katie Zanto in 2004. The University of California, Berkeley program is celebrating its 10th year this summer. Zanto is still actively involved in the program and in creating bridges between the college and ARC.

For SNC’s Cahill and Jackson, this was an opportunity to hone their video production and storytelling skills, and to further develop their own business, Mhmmm Productions. This project is a model example of how SNC’s students can positively impact their community through our unique service learning curriculum. Students are encouraged to use their skills, knowledge, and passions to contribute to a local cause or organization. Faculty coach students throughout the process and encourage students to maximize their learning through real-world projects.

Cahill said the experience has fueled a desire to help share similar stories, noting that “when we build a story like this one, it feels like magic. It was amazing to work with such an impactful organization.” Gutierrez also noted, “I am very excited about the finished video. It has been such an honor to be a part of a community organization like ARC, and it was great to be able to share my story. I couldn’t be more appreciative to be attending Sierra Nevada College with a full scholarship and ARC was able to help me achieve this goal.”

On July 30 at the Cedar House in Truckee, ARC students will present Voices of Youth: THE POWER OF TEN: 10 youth voices over the course of 10 years, courageous enough to speak out about their past challenges, insights, hopes, and dreams for the future. The Power of Ten expresses hundreds of transformational moments from summiting mountain peaks to trusting the rope while climbing, and spending 24 hours solo in the wilderness. Visit  for more information