Electronic Blue Book (EBB)

Download EBB for PC Download EBB for Mac

Instructions for Using the Electronic Bluebook (EBB)

Technical Requirements

Electronic Bluebook requires that your computer be a PC which uses Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 2000 as its original and primary operating system, or a Macintosh MacBook running OS X version 2 (Jaguar) or later. Language settings must be set to “English” and keyboard input settings must be set to English- U.S.

Your computer must be able to connect to the Internet during the exam, with either a wired Ethernet connection or a wireless network connection.

Downloading and Installing EBB:

  • Click on the Mac or PC links EBB above to start the download.
  • PC: Click Run when prompted. The download should take less than one minute.
    Mac: Open the downloaded DMG file. Drag the “EBB” icon to Applications. Open the program from Applications.
  • The program will ask you to accept their terms of service. Click “Yes”.

Taking an EBB Exam

  1. Macintosh users, set your firewall to allow EBB to upload files to the network:
    • Click the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security.
    • Click the Firewall tab then select “Set access for specific services and applications”.
    • Click the “+” at the bottom left of the screen and add the EBB program to the list.
  2. Start the EBB program. Once your exam has started, EBB will prevent access to all other programs.
  3. Enter the exam number given to you on your exam cover sheet.
  4. Choose “Junior_Proficiency_Exam” under Class Number.
  5. Click “Start Exam”

Finishing your Exam and Exiting EBB:

Once you have finished your exam, click the “Finish Exam” button. Once you finish, a green or yellow screen will appear. A green screen means your exam successfully saved to the network and you are finished with your exam. A yellow screen means your exam did not automatically save to the network. Ask your administrator for instructions on how to manually upload the exam.