M.Ed. Academic Calendar

FALL 2016

2016/17 FASFA Available for Filing Jan 1
Las Vegas New M.Ed./NPD (TESL/ALDR) New Student Orientation & Registration Aug 17
Incline/Reno New M.Ed./NPD (TESL/ALDR) New Student Orientation & Registration Aug 18
Semester Official Start Aug 22
M.Ed. Online instruction begins/Tuition Due Aug 22
Online Orientation Course (ELEC 101) begins for NSP/Endorsements (2 week course) Aug 22
M.Ed. Online Orientation course (ELEC 102) begins for M.Ed. prgm. students TLDR courses (2 weeks) Aug 22
Last day to drop with 100% for M.Ed. online courses* Aug 22
ALDR internship launch Aug 22
Online orientation course (ELEC 101) ends for NPD/Endorsements Sept 4
M.Ed. online orientation course (ELEC 102) ends for M.Ed prgm. students TLDR courses Sept 4
Labor Day (College closed) Sep 5
M.Ed. Online instruction begins (first 7 week courses) Sept 5
Last day to drop with 100% for M.Ed. online courses that started 9/5* Sept 5
Final grades filed with Registrar Sept 6
Online orientation Course (ELEC 101) begins for NPD/Endorsements (2 week course) Oct 10
M.Ed. New Students – ELEC 102 begins (2 week course) Oct 10
Online orientation course (ELEC 101) ends for NDP/Endorsements Oct 23
M.Ed. New Studnets ELEC 102 ends Oct 23
M.Ed. Online Instruction Ends (first 7 week course) Oct 23
New and continuing M.Ed. online instruction begins (second 7 week course) Oct 24
Last day to drop with 100% refund for M.Ed. online courses that started 10/24* Oct 24
Final grades filed with registrar (ELEC 102 & first 7 week courses) Oct 25
Nevada Day recess (College closed) Oct 28
Application for Spring 2017 ALDR Internship due Nov 1
Current student registration begins Nov 1
Veterans Day holiday (Incline, Reno, & Las Vegas campuses closed for on-ground courses) Nov 11
Thanksgiving Holiday (College Closed for on ground courses) Nov 21 – 25
Graduation paperwork due for December graduation Dec 9
M.Ed. Online instruction ends (second 7 week courses) Dec 11
Final grades filed with registrar (second 7 week courses) Dec 13
Current student registration ends Dec 15
ALDR internship complete Dec 16
Semester Official Ends Dec 18
Administrative Offices Closed Dec 26 – Jan 2
*Drop/Withdrawal and Refund Policy
Full-term courses courses (courses 10 weeks or more) that are dropped before or during the first week of the term, all tuition and refundable fees are refunded. Short-term courses (courses less than 10 weeks) that are dropped on or before the first day of instruction receive 100% refund. During the withdrawal period, tuition is refunded a pro rata amount based on the time attended up to 60% of the term.