Quotes from Wilderness Orientation

The Value of Empowering Student Leaders in Orientation Programming

Student leaders for the annual new student Wilderness Orientation (WO) take the ODAL 450: Pre-Orientation Program Leader class as part of their preparation for the field. Below are quotes from both WO leaders and participants which describe the transformative experience and exceptional learning experience.

Student Leaders

“By leading Wilderness Orientation, I have gained self confidence and reassurance that this education is worth my time.” Maddie Wilson

“I never thought that I would be able to have a successful leadership experience after just a few outdoor classes. Now I know that even just a few classes can teach you knowledge that will last forever.” Maddie Wilson

“Wilderness Orientation and related topics help with one’s resilience to problems, one’s logic and determination, and one’s focus and poise. I believe the every SNC student should have an opportunity to lead this trip.” Peter Rispolli

“The preparation that went into this expedition gave me the confidence I needed to pull off such a feat, and I will definitely take that self-assurance into my last year at SNC.” Marissa Stone

“ I have never seen myself as much of a mentor, but in the backcountry I began to see my involvement with campus activities and clubs as a source of wisdom for the incoming class. Whether I was speaking about my love for the ODAL Program, the faculty, the Eagles Eye Newspaper, the Creative Writing Club, or the excitement I have for the newly established Lacrosse team, I wanted each student to find a niche and be apart of SNC. “ Marissa Stone

“I hope that SNC considers a required orientation program or a winter orientation program because this kind of learning is unsurpassed.” Marissa Stone

Student Leaders

“When the highlight of your day is too hard to narrow down, it is just a reminder that there is no place you would rather be.” Grant Furlan

“Some of the lessons I have learned are perseverance from doing trail work and team work from working throughout the trails and campsite.” Austin Simonpietri

“I learned to clean up after myself, how to wake up early and not to complain during tough tasks and how to be more sociable.” Alex Turanski