Perspectives On Design Award Announced

Sierra Nevada College is proud to announce the establishment of the new Perspectives On Design Award for Outstanding Student Artist of the Year.

This award, which will presented annually at the Sierra Nevada College Commencement, recognizes extraordinary graduating student artist(s) with a stipend of $2,500 to offset the costs of art supplies and incidentals related to art making during the year following graduation. It has been funded by anonymous donors who have a deep love for higher education and are committed to supporting emerging artists as they continue their artistic endeavors.

This award is intended to reward exceptional emerging artists with an incentive to continue to focus on art making after graduation, to provide them with a venue to exhibit their new work, and to affirm their contributions to a vibrant regional and national artistic community. The work produced during this post-graduate award year will be showcased the following May at the Annual P.O.D. Exhibition on the college campus at Lake Tahoe.

The award recipient(s) will be recommended to the president by a Selection Committee comprised of the Fine Arts faculty and the curator of the new SNC Permanent Collection and Archives. The award selection criteria emphasize the artistic merit of the application material, the student’s demonstrated courage, maturity, and entrepreneurial spirit, and their perceived potential for growth as an artist.

Details of the application and award process can be found HERE.