We believe in our students. We believe in how great they can become, and, frankly, we believe in our ability as a team to help them get there. It is a phenomenal time to join us, as we are taking the lead in innovating higher education through our active learning model and the ways we apply it throughout our students’ experiences to truly transform their lives.

At SNC your son or daughter will be pushed, challenged, supported, and coached, all while actively engaged in their education. Please take this opportunity to browse our website and become acquainted with all our campus community has to offer so that you can stay connected to your student. Studies consistently demonstrate that student involvement in campus life — through clubs, student government, activities, and other co-curricular offerings — contributes to higher graduation rates.

Get Involved

We encourage you to visit during our mid-October Parents’ Weekend, but you can see our commitment in action any day of the year at SNC.

Join the Parents’ Leadership Council to add your family’s voice to the SNC story and join a network of parents who support the student experience on campus.