North Tahoe Event Center Flower Pots Get a Colorful Facelift, thanks to SNC student Jamie Himes

Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture

The facelift of Kings Beach begins later this year but Jamie Himes, an Interdisciplinary Studies major studying Art and Psychology at Sierra Nevada College, got the beautification started sooner as part of her Service Learning Class in a project she called “Coloring Kings Beach.” The project was so successful that at the Sierra Nevada College Senior Awards Breakfast this month, her project won the award for “Inspiring Community Impact.”

Jamie was inspired by the mosaic fish created by Peter Hazel that stands guard over the driveway at Lanza’s Restaurant in Tahoe Vista. She also wanted to involve the Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe in a project that would also help to bring more public art into the community. Jamie saw the perfect canvas for her project in the flower pots that sit outside the entrance to the North Tahoe Event Center.

Ms. Himes worked with Jenna Bache, the Art Specialist at the Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe, to bring twenty (20) children from the Clay Club ranging in age from 6-13 to the pottery studio at Sierra Nevada College to roll out approximately 150 pounds of clay and then cut them into the tile pieces that would create the mosaic. Once the clay dried it had to be fired and then painted with different color glazes that would create the mosaic. 150 pounds of clay turns into a lot of tiles that need to be painted so additional help was needed. Jamie turned to Kristi Thompson, General Manager at the Mellow Fellow in Crystal Bay and on Sunday during a Corn Hole Tournament, all the attendees pitched in and helped to complete the painting project!

Over the course of three weekends in May, the mosaics on the pots took shape. The first weekend, Jamie worked closely with Peter Hazel to learn the techniques for mosaics. The following two weekends, the Clay Club from the Boys and Girls Club joined Jamie outside the Event Center to see their hard work in the pottery studio come to fruition. Now, those children will be able to look at those pots with pride whenever they come to the North Tahoe Event Center.

However, there is still work to do! Jamie is soliciting donations to purchase an additional 50 pounds of clay to complete the work and will need help cutting more tiles, glazing them and then applying and grouting them. If you would like to donate money, materials or time, please contact Jamie at 530-412-2701. Time is ticking to finish these off before the busy summer season comes to Kings Beach.

The North Tahoe Public Utility District and North Tahoe Event Center would like to thank everyone that contributed to make this project happen including Jamie Himes, Peter Hazel, Jenna Bache and the Clay Club of the Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe, and Kristi Thompson and all the Mellow Fellow painters.