Are you “Greener than the Dean”?!

The Dean of Students and Sustainability Club would like to challenge you to reduce carbon emissions and help solve parking issues on campus by using alternative transportation.

The Fall 2013 edition of “Greener than the Dean” runs for ten weeks from the Wednesday, September 11th, through Wednesday, November 20th. Students, staff and faculty who register will receive one point for each day they avoid bringing a car to the main campus by carpooling, walking, biking, skipping, skating or parking at the church lot.

Just like last year, sign in each day at the front desk of the Prim Library to record your alternative transportation to campus to receive your point. 5 points earns you a $5 gift card to the book store; 10 points a free lunch in Patterson Hall; and 20 points earns you a $20 coffee card to IV Coffee Lab. Points will be tallied and awarded both after five weeks and again at the end of the competition.

As a bonus, if you can be “Greener than the Dean” and use alternate transportation more times over the 10 weeks than Dean Will Hoida, you will be entered into an exclusive drawing for a $200 gift card to Diamond Peak for a College Student Season Pass!

Good Luck! For more information contact the Dean at: