Sierra Nevada College at Lake Tahoe, Nevada’s only four-year private college, is recognized for a distinctive liberal arts curriculum that offers intellectual, educational, and cultural resources to its students, graduates, and the communities of Nevada and California. SNC offers more than thirty areas of study and degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Education.

The goal of a great liberal arts college is to craft a curriculum that ensures students are exposed to the best of human thought and ideas, while providing them with the foundation for life and successful careers. In small classes and through individualized instruction, our students are provided with the opportunity to leave school prepared to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world, equipped with the skills that will enable them to pursue a lifetime of achievement, happiness, and success.

The liberal arts education at Sierra Nevada College has produced scholars in a variety of disciplines including artists, attorneys, scientists, computer specialists, teachers, business and community leaders, and entrepreneurs, and we cherish the opportunity to prepare our students for living, learning and leadership in the 21st century. To achieve this vision requires an investment in people, programs, and learning spaces, with an understanding for how a liberal arts education must evolve.

Specifically, your contribution will be used for: (1) student scholarships and financial aid in order to increase undergraduate and graduate enrollment and broadening access for high-achieving students; (2) teaching and learning in order to increase faculty, curriculum and interdisciplinary approaches to education; and (3) improving the campus and facilities to support our academic centers of excellence: Center for Digital Art; Croom Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership; Center for International Studies; Center for Ski Business and Resort Management; Center for Environmental Policy; Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; Center for Outdoor Adventure Leadership; and Center for Teacher Education.

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