Fire District OKs this year’s Trail of Treats and Terror

Fire District OKs this year’s Trail of Treats and Terror

By Kyle Magin
Bonanza Staff Writer

Bonanza File Photo

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza: In 2007 children enjoying the annual Incline Village Trail of Treats and Terror didn’t get to enjoy a haunted house at the Lake Tahoe School because local fire officials determined it unsafe.

This year, event organizers included the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District from an early stage, and said there shouldn’t be a repeat of the issue at this year’s event, scheduled for 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday.

“We’ve been participating from the organizing meetings from the start and everyone is cooperating very well,” said Pete Mulvihill, the assistant fire marshal for the NLTFPD.

In 2007 Fire Marshal Tom Smith had to shut down the Haunted House because the structure was not fire-safe and did not have proper egress routes.

This year, Lake Tahoe School Headmaster Steve McKibben said the school will not have the haunted house, instead opting for a reptile exhibit complete with a number of creepy snakes.

The haunted house will be this year’s last stop, said Will Hoida, Sierra Nevada College Director of Student Activities. Hoida said the haunted house will be on the campus of SNC at Campbell-Friedman Hall.

Mulvihill said he will survey the site ahead of time to verify its safety.

Hoida said the haunted house will be progressively scarier over the course of Campbell-Friedman’s three stories, with the top floor being the scariest.

It will follow stops at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation and the Lake Tahoe School, with a traverse through a haunted forest on SNC’s campus to spook the revelers as they walk onto the college.