Chris Marshall Transfer CoordinatorAdmissions

Phone: 775-831-1314 x7541

Lisa Martin Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education, Las Vegas

Melody Martin Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education

Christopher Martinez Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education

Jan Mathis Adjunct FacultyTeacher Education Department, Las Vegas

Allison Mattick Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education, Reno

Mark Maynard Adjunct ProfessorHumanities

Katie McConaghy Adjunct ProfessorScience and Technology

Patrick McConaghy Adjunct ProfessorHumanities

Mike McCormack Creative Writing EditorMFA in Creative Writing


Shannon McCormack Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education, Las Vegas

Laura McCullough Creative Writing MentorMFA in Creative Writing

Poetry, Creative Non-fiction, Short Fiction


Jacqueline McCune Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education

Tricia McDermott Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education Department, Las Vegas

Richard McEnaney Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education

Joe McGee Creative Writing FacultyMFA in Creative Writing


James McKinley Adjunct ProfessorBusiness

Tiffany McMaster Adjunct ProfessorTeacher Education Department, Incline/Reno

Valerie Medina Office Receptionist and Administrative AssistantTeacher Education

Phone: 702-434-6599 x7801

Joanne Meschery Creative Writing FacultyMFA in Creative Writing