Bary Pollack Professor Science and Technology
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7502

Bob Preger Trustee; Vice-Chair, Development and Community Outreach Committee Board of Trustees

Mindy Pretner Adjunct Professor Teacher Education

Wayne Prim Chairman of the Board of Trustees Board of Trustees

. Prim Library Front Desk
Phone: 7501

Deborah Prout Special Assistant to the President Administration
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7559

Margaret Putnam Adjunct Professor Teacher Education

Vincent Rabourn Parking Security Officer Student Affairs
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7432

Jane Rainwater Assistant Registrar Registrar
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7435

Laura Read Adjunct Professor Humanities

Phone: 7580

Katrina Rice Adjunct Professor Teacher Education

Susan Richardson Adjunct Professor; Student Teacher Supervisor Teacher Education

Lisa Riggs Adjunct Professor; Teacher Recertification Teacher Education

Renee Rintala Adjunct Professor Teacher Education

Judy Roberts Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7439

Suzanne Roberts Distinguished Writer-in-Residence (2011-2012); Nonfiction, Poetry Humanities
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7538 Website:

Michele Robinson Adjunct Professor; Project Director Teacher Education

Phyllis Rogers Library Assistant Library
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7418

Kerry Rohrmeier Adjunct Professor Science and Technology

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