Tim O'Brien

Tim O’Brien

Community Read Events – free to the public.

Sierra Nevada College will continue its “One Book, One Campus” program begun in 2009, with all incoming students and college faculty reading The Things They Carried by author Tim O’Brien. The book is a fictional memoir filled with interconnected stories about the Vietnam War and the people involved. The title refers to the things a soldier takes into combat—not necessary physical items, like weapons, but intangibles such as fear, exhaustion, and memories.

This year’s reading program has been expanded to include the entire Incline Village/Crystal Bay community. Incline Village High School students and local books groups will read and discuss this book. Copies of the book are available at the Incline Village Public Library and Sierra Nevada College’s Prim Library.

Contact Librarian Betts Markle at library@sierranevada.edu or visit http://libguides.sierranevada.edu/things to learn more about the Community Read.

Tuesday, September 12 @ 4pm
Peace-themed story hour;
Incline Village Public Library

Thursday, September 13 @ 7pm
Donna Axton – The Music of the Times: 1960s – 1970s;
Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences 139-141, Sierra Nevada College

September 17-23
Always Lost: A Meditation on War—Iraq War combat photographs courtesy of The Dallas Morning News;
Prim Library, SNC

Tuesday, September 18 @ 4pm
Toni Neubauer, Vietnam Culture and Geography;
Incline Village Public Library

Thursday, September 20 @ 7pm
Fireside Chat – Andy Whyman, The Stories We Carry: Vietnam to Afghanistan;
Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences 139-141, Sierra Nevada College

Friday, September 21 @ 7pm
Tim O’Brien, Featured Speaker;
Sierra Nevada College

Saturday, September 22 @ 10am-12pm
Tim O’Brien, Writing Craft Talk ($50) | Click here to RSVP
Sierra Nevada College

Tuesday, September 25 @ 3pm
Vietnam film & discussion;
Incline Village Public Library

Wednesday, September 26 @ 4pm
Multiculturalism story time;
Incline Village Public Library

Tuesday, October 2 @ 7pm
Erika Gillette – The American Response to Vietnamese Buddhism;
Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences 139-141, Sierra Nevada College

Thursday, October 4 @ 4pm
The Things They Carried discussion;
Incline Village Public Library

March, 2013
Speak Peace Exhibit from Wick Center for Poetry at Kent State University;
Prim Library, Sierra Nevada College

3 Responses to “Common Read events for 2012-2013”

  1. EricTheRed

    Looking forward to this. I’ve read two of his earlier books and am half-way thorough “Things They Carried.” All excellent books–he’s a gifted writer.

  2. Amy L

    I THINK I reserved seats to see Tim O’Brien, but there’s no confirmation email. Is there a way to check? My book group plans to read The Things They Carried and I’d love for all of us to attend.

    • Schuyler Harrison


      We received your RSVP. We will resend the confirmation email, but there should have been an auto-response email—try checking your spam.



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