The SBRM program at Sierra Nevada College combines a rigorous traditional
business curriculum with in depth study and discussion of all aspects of
the Ski Resort business. Through the SBRM courses, every major aspect of
the ski industry is covered. Tim Cohee’s vast experience managing ski
resorts gives tremendous insight into how to achieve success, and guest
presentations from leaders across the industry provide an unrivaled
understanding of it’s current state and future opportunity. Internship
opportunities at some of the nations best ski resorts are plentiful and
well integrated into the program. Enrolling in this program has been a
fantastic choice, has allowed me to make major steps in my career even
before graduation, and will certainly be a wonderful benefit to my career
in the future. I would encourage anyone who is interested in starting or
expanding a career in the ski industry to enroll.

Andy Johnson
Mountain Safety Manager
Heavenly Mountain Resort